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LucasCast Episode 16

Jae Onasi

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A special 'guest' introduces our show! We stayed busy in January, trying out some new DLC and updates of old favorites. We discuss the forum poll 'Favorite LucasArts games of the '00's. After that we moved on to a brief mention of Mixnmojo's new podcast. With the Winter Olympics taking place, we share our favorite sports.


Release date: 18th February 2010


Download page: http://www.lucascast.com/lucascast_episode-16/



*Games we've been playing

*The poll 'Favorite LucasArts games of the decade'

*Star Trek Online and the Mixnmojo podcast get brief mentions

*Did someone mention blood sausage?

*Our favorite Olympic sports



Show spoiler
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"Gilbert Gottfried" introduces the show


Games Darth Groovy played: Serious Sam HD, Call of Duty, Peggle, and has a STRONG opinion on Hasbro Family Game Night, including Battleship, on the Xbox Live marketplace

What Jae played: Dragon Age, along with the Return to Ostagar DLC that got release just a couple days before we podcasted, including discussion of authentication problems

What acdcfanbill played: Modern Warfare 2

What Rogue Nine played: Mass Effect 2, and how some of the voice actors for ME2 also worked on Dragon Age and will be voice-acting in The Old Republic MMO.


The poll 'favorite LA games of the '00's' with a discussion of all the game options

Jae's favorite--you have to ask? :D

acdcfanbill's favorite--Jedi Academy

Rogue Nine's favorite--Battlefront

Darth Groovy's favorite--JK series. Groovy got kicked out of a JA match for supposedly cheating. On Xbox.


Star Trek Online gets a brief mention


Yes, we mention food occasionally, with sausage being the main dish.


We give a brief nod to Mixnmojo's podcast.


Our favorite Olympic sports:

Darth Groovy's favorite--hockey

acdcfanbill's favorite--curling, especially with beer.

Jae's favorites--figure skating, hockey, downhill skiing, bobsledding, and speedskating

Torville and Dean's amazing 1984 gold-medal winning ice-dancing performance:

(This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)


Rogue Nine's favorite--figure skating, but not for the reasons you might think. :devsmoke: He also likes curling.



1. Billy has Tourette's syndrome

2. Niner says Obsidian fan boys just want to have carnal relations with Chris Avellone

3. Did someone just stab Groovy?

4. Worst. Segue. Ever.

5. Ethereal anatomy and blood sausage

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Great cast guys, I lol'd at the beginning. XD


Jae, I had no idea you were a Torvill and Dean fan too. I remember watching their Bolero performance live on TV, and my mum and I were absolutely screaming with joy when they got all 6.0's across the board. Although Bolero is their most famous, I do prefer their Barnum and Mack & Mabel performances. No other couple have ever come close to matching them, they were so beautiful to watch, two skaters as one. I actually took my mum to see them live at Wembley a few years ago for her birthday, and it was just amazing. :D

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Hey Gabez, just listened to your cast and I thought it was very funny. Loved the George Lucas interview, who knew he was so involved in Monkey Island, wow. I'll be a regular listener.


I do resent the accusation that we interferred with your cast however, and I'll be filing a lawsuit in the morning. I hope you have a good lawyer.


*Hides EMP under the bed*

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Awesome cast.


I found myself unable to stop watching women's curling yesterday. The USA and Russian teams were hot.


As for Star Trek Online, I'm only a week or so into it, and still just a Lt. Commander, grade 2 or 3. It seems STO is suffering from the same problems I have with all other Cryptic games - it just gets boring real quick. You can only shoot NPCs for so long before it's boring.


STO is essentially the same game as City of Heroes/Villains, Champions Online, <insert Cryptic games here> with cosmetic changes.


The only MMO I've played for over a year was EVE Online.


Can't wait for the next cast.

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Thanks for the mention! And great show as always.


I played a bit of Serious Sam as well, back in the day. An HD version sounds like it would be doubly worth playing. All this talk of the game reminded me of some fan art Jake Rodkin made once: http://mojoart.mixnmojo.com/fan-art/_art_jake-rodkin_sam-and-max-action.html


I too have just listened to two of your podcast and have also subscribed. Very good stuff. Laughed my ass off! I would like to invite you lot to join us for a cast or two. Let me know if you are interested. At this point I have no problem plugging your casts! It's good material!





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I laughed more frequently than usual at this one. Didn't really get the commercial, but then again, I had to look up the brunt of the joke. I actually got quite a lot out of this cast, particularly in opinions about other games. I've never played KotOR before, but I liked KotOR 2 pretty well. Might actually buy it from Steam after listening to this cast. Don't see what was so bad about JA's storyline, but I really just turned the timescale to 5 and read the subtitles.

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