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LF Game Nights - Fri-Sat. 7PM (Eastern)


Do you have Steam Installed?  

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  1. 1. Do you have Steam Installed?

    • Yes.
    • No, but I'll get it eventually.
    • No, and I'll never install Steam.

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i have Steam, and i have several of the titles you mentioned previously.


my list of Steam games:


Aliens vs Predator (2010)

Empire: Total War






and i'd be open to adding a couple of games to that list if necessary. about the only problem i might have is bandwidth since my internet connection is currently restricted to a Verizon 3G modem.


i missed it this week, but let me know when you're up for another batch of gaming. :D

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Ok, so looks like Team Fortress 2 is going to be the *it* game. If there enough people, they can branch out and stuff.


Like, I know of a group that has Battlefront 1/2. It's just a matter of a certain British person getting off his butt and reinstalling Windows or some BS.



So, how about every weekend (fri-sun) at 7PM (eastern, sorry suck at time zones), people gather at the steam group chat and either play TF2, or if they want/can, branch out to different games.

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Joined. I've got TF2, JO, and far too many other games (not any Battlefront though).


As for playing single-player games and discussing our feelings, well, I should stay out of that, unless people love hearing about my difficulty induced emotional breakdowns from playing XCOM: Terror from the Deep on veteran. I've been spoiled by the easiness of the last decade of games, and forgot how hard it was.


Edit: As for keeping track of how many people have what, I helped set something similar to this up at another forum. What we did is have everyone post the games the have <i>and</i> are actually interested in playing multiplayer (not neccesarily all the games they have), and the OP, on the other forum me, made titled spoiler tags for each game, and inside the spoiler, listed everyone who had the game. I updated the list every week or so with games people had just bought or new people, and that way we knew who had what. It required a bunch of initial work, sorting through what everyone had, but after that it got easier as joining slowed, and it was well worth it for streamlining the process of picking a game.

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Could I suggest that the event starts sooner since I live in Norway and that means I have to start playing at 1:00 PM?

Maybe have the event start of at 01:00 PM (easter) and end as originally planned, so we get a longer event, and those who live in Europe gets to play a little earlier in the day?

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