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Should we have multiple guest speakers on LucasCast?

Darth Groovy

Should LucasCast have multiple guest speakers on every episode?  

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  1. 1. Should LucasCast have multiple guest speakers on every episode?

    • No, you are doing fine with the people you have present.
    • Yes, I would like to nominate someone! (please specify)

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I am posting this poll for feedback purposes only. We have already had multiple guests from LucasForums as guests on our podcasts. Should this be a regular thing?


Also, if you would like to nominate someone for a guest spot on one of our future podcasts, please give us reasons why.


Tell us something interesting about the individual, and then you can nominate them. You can even nominate yourself if you like, although that does not secure you a spot on a future podcast, but we will take it into consideration.


The minimum requirements are Sunday availability at 9pm GMT. A Skype account, and a fully functioning microphone/headset combo so we can hear you clearly.


Vote now!

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OK guys, let's avoid conflict over this, please. I should not even have said anything publicly to Pastrami, so I apologize for that. It wasn't very professional of me.


That being said, please post your reasons for nominating someone as well as their names.

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Wait...there was conflict? I was serious about Groovy's post making me laugh. I could hear his voice in my head, and it sounded really weird when he said KTHNXBYE.


I nominated Pastrami because I just want to see if he could actually make order out of chaos. I don't much mind the chaos, but since there seems to be a fair number of people who do (and Pastrami's the most prominent), why not?

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Well, can someone at least pester LucasArts to go a-PR'ing for at least one episode. You know, so that we can ask them all of the hard questions.

Jeff's tried a number of times to get someone from LA on. Unfortunately, they've had some turnover, so past contacts who knew the owners pretty well are no longer there, and the current crop of PR folks don't seem to be terribly interested in supporting one of the biggest LA game fan forums on the net. :(

We'll keep asking, however.

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Since LA has their own forum now, I suspect we're no longer a priority. Given that we have one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, Kotor sections in the world, along with an active TOR forum (not to mention other LA games), I would think that would get their attention. It's a matter of finding the right PR person who can (and should) take us seriously.

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