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Monkey Island 2 Remake


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Random thoughts.

I liked Largo's voice, but I do agree he should have sounded more like Armato's.

They fixed the pipes.

Guybrush's talking animation is a little weird.

The music sounds great.

I love the whistling on the intro, and Largo's theme sounds perfect.

I can't wait to hear the theme song.

The uploader doesn't like the game. I don't know why.

This post has no structure.

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The video.


So much to like (including that they fixed the rhubarb and made them into metal wires), but I dislike Largo's voice. I know that Largo's totally subjective and people won't like him unless he's somehow American and Irish and British and Scottish, but this voice doesn't come close. Armato did a better one a few years ago on that prank.


Cool that they fixed it and all finally, but I do appreciate a good rhubarb pie now and then.


Too bad that guy who made the video felt it necessary to skip everything. Everything is looking nice compared to the last one definitely.


They definitely added a 3D coat around Guybrush to achieve that affect of him swaying, but I can't tell if Guybrush's full body was modeled and traced under it the way it appeared last time.

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I wanted to hear Bart and Fink. I'm terrified they'll go for the comedy voices again, even if casting Phil La Marr indicates otherwise.




1. The main menu is really nice.


2. Nice touch with making the cursor a compass.


3. It seems they've managed to at least incorporate some form of iMuse. The woodtick theme at the beginning is different to the one on the website. I'm interested in knowing how much of it they worked in, though.

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Oh, re: the whistling. I liked that. It feels like they listened to the Monkey Island Medley (mp3).


Nice to think the fans affected the game, even in such a small way :)

I was thinking the same thing. Plus, I don't think there is any other source than that medley using whistling for that theme. Of course, it might just be a coincidence and Jesse just had the same idea.

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It's not a coincidence at all, the song uses the general midi standard "078 whistle". It's just sampled so bad, you can't tell.


Okay... I guess I didn't use whistling for my version then, because I didn't find a decent sample for it :)


And: OH MY GOD!!! The Scabb-music sounds just PERFECT!!! And the choice of voices is great!

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Looking nice :)


I'm really excited to replay this game and explore it again in high definition. It's the same as the first SE, in that it can't ever replace the original (or the experience of playing it for the first time) - but unlike the previous one, I think it's clear I'll be able to play this one without wincing. It's looking very fluid, and I think the direct control will feel fine.

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I'm a little confused as how the hell he's got it? More than likely a legitimate "leak". As he's clearly playing it on the Xbox 360. The only people who would have access to the 360 release would be a) the team behind the game b) Xbox Live staff.


I highly doubt it would be the Xbox Live staff leaking it for two reasons

1. that would indicate the game was finished and had been submitted to Microsoft for approval and listing on the Live Arcade

2. They would value they're jobs enough to not leak suppliers games!


That only leaves Lucasarts staff secretly "leaking" it to drum up interest

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I might be the only one, but I absolutely love the voices so far. That might just be because I played the voiced monkey island games first so I always saw the first two games as being cartoony.


The only voice I don't like is Elaine's. To me, it seems pretty obvious that she's reading lines. It sounds like she's reading out a Monkey Island audiobook... her first line of dialogue sounds like it should have "said Elaine" pinned onto the end.


@xgfx I think he works for a testing company

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