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iPod touch update issue!


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I posted this up at apple.com's message board and haven't gotten any useful replies yet, so I decided to try my luck here :p




A few days ago I decided to update my 1st gen iTouch from 3.1.2 to 3.1.3, all went well until the update was complete and iTunes informed me that my iPod is restarting in a bit.


Apparently something went wrong with the update that caused my iTouch to go into recovery mode, which I find odd since it didn't inform me of any problems while I was updating.


Now whenever I connect my iTouch it informs me that it is still in recovery mode and needs to be restored, I complied but as the restore was "complete" I get an error message 6. I tried probably 4-5 more times and then went on to the Apple site to find some answers, one suggested I turn off my antivirus and firewall, which I did. Didn't help. Then I tried another USB cable, didn't help. Then I tried to use an external USB hub, didn't work.


Finally after a few random tries it informed me that the restore was a success, and my iPod is restarting in a few moments, my joy was short-lived however as iTunes once again informed me that my iPod is still in recovery mode.


Frustrated, I scoured a few forums and found this place: http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/ and proceeded to download software version 3.1.2. I shift clicked on restore and selected the older version with no avail. It still gives me the occasional "error 6" or the message that my restoration was a "success".


What should I do? this is definitely not a hardware issue since my problem began with the update, I should note that my iTunes version was not the newest one when the initial update was performed (if memory serves me right it was one version older than the current one), could this be the main culprit? I did download and install the newest iTunes version after I got the first error message though.


If my iTouch is beyond repair I just have to ask, how can Apple release such a buggy update? It'll be real nice to churn out 400€ for another iPod just because of faulty software on Apple's part.


Thanks in advance.

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Thats sucks. Its Apple's responsibility to ensure their firmware updates dont cause any damage.


I'd call them for support directly/start a support ticket rather than just leave a message on their forums. If its still under warranty, I'd even take it back to point of purchase if it was bought from a store.


Support provided by apple differs depending on where you are - if youre in finland, best dig around on the finnish(suomi) support page and see what it says.




good luck!



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