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I have an idea for a mod for TSL, well two actually and I'm hoping someone will notice this/be able to do this for us all.


1.Asari: A race from the soon to be Super-Hit Game Mass Effect, the members of said race varying between blue to purple I'm not sure how hard or simple this mod would be (as it would really just be a head mod if not the whole body, I leave that to the creator) but heres a couple shots for those not familiar with the game




and heres another (better shot of the head crest)





2. if the above is not possible could someone craft the Asari Commando's suit, a Medium or Heavy armor would suit it fine, it doesnt seem complex, it appears to be simply black leather with a few straps and buckles, heres a couple pics.






Can anyone please tell me if these are possible, I hope the suit is at least, I apologise for not having better photos, but it was difficult to find ones that good at all

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