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New Class: Sarlacc Enforcer!


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Check out the newest playable class announced today on SWTOR.com!




I especially recommend watching the videos under the "Combat Tactics" section. Good stuff.


BTW, the Aurebesh translates as follows:


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Center Area:

We wrote this haiku

to say we hope you enjoyed

April Fools Day


Left Side:

Jawa Extreme Sport: Sarlacc Salvage Fishing


Title Area:

The Original Noodly Appendage

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That! WAS! AWESOME!!!!

I wanna be a Sarlac Enforcer.

it fits my playstyle perfectly... Some call me a camper, now I can say, I'm a Sarlac Enforcer haha.



Great job BW. another fantastic class.


Oh and watch the combat tactics videos

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From my recollection...I read the story where Zorba the Hutt (Jabba's father) got dumped into the sarlacc's mouth. Then only about a half hour later it heaved him out.


Zorba said something to the effect of: "Well I didn't care much for the taste of you either. But you should know by now that Hutts are not only indigestible--but the most indigestible species in the galaxy! Muhahahahahaaaaa!" Then mockingly "Hope your stomach isn't too upset. HAHAHAHAAAAAA!"

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