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Running OJP Enhanced 1.2 on a non-home-made server


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Good evening

I'm writing from hungary, and i have to say that i love OJP.

But i have some problems with the server WITH ojp.


I have a hosted server, but i don't have the server files.

These files are important for running the server on OJP Enhanced 1.2


Can someone help me?

I think i need this file: Jampgamei386.so

I need it for a hosted server with Linux


But with OJP, i don't have this.

I searched on the internet for it, but i didn't find it.

If someone has this file, please write to this e-mail address:



I would be happy if someone could help :)


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I don't know if this is what you have but it should be everything you need:



Other than that the team has moved on from OJP and JA so you may want to ask over at the filefront forums: http://forums.filefront.com/sw-jk3-modding-mapping-editing-528/

One of the Coders is over there named Raz0r, and he might understand what you are asking for better than I do.

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