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A League of Their Own: Casting Call

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Gallion, the once peaceful city that now bleeds corruption. The mayor of the town has requested help for what he's calling a "supernatural disturbance". We sent a small squad to deal with this problem...however they haven't responded. So now we're sending you (Insert Name) to tackle this problem. We've seen your abilities before and we know you can handle this situation. Your mission is simple, stop whatever this "supernatural problem" is and locate our missing squad. We know you can do this (Insert Name), Good Luck!


Charles Hayter, Director of the U.E.D


Yep, a superhero rp. This rp will act like a comic with a few Issues aka chapters to it. The first Issue will deal with the Crisis in Gallion as well as the formation of our team. You have free customization over your hero so don't hesitate to go into detail. Your hero can have whatever powers you desire but please don't go overboard. Here's an example.


SuperGuy's Powers: Super Strength, Super Speed, Flight, Fire Breath, Regeneration, etc.


Feel free to make a Nemesis for your hero. They will obviously be in the rp either under your control or mine, the choice is yours. Now to the character sheet!


Name: Anthony Darson

Alias: Titan

Age: 29

Facial Appearance: A man with pale white skin, brown hair, and green eyes.


Personality: A very smart but stubborn man. Unlike most heroes he has no problem killing others for the good of everyone else, however like most heroes he would never harm the innocent.

Powers: The arms of the suit have built in blasters located on the wrists, and the suit gives him tremendous strength

Means of Travel( Power or Vehicle, your choice): Built in Jet Boots

Bio: Anthony was always a bright person and he knew it. He always wanted to be a engineer and that's exactly what he became. He graduated at the top of his class and was given a job by the military. He and a team of scientists were designing a new way to fight in wars. They created the Titan project, a suit designed to win wars, the only problem was the suits activation. It wouldn't turn on no matter what they tried so the project was scrapped. Anthony refused to give up and thought of a way to get it to work. He came up with an idea to allow thought to be used to power the suit and to his surprise it worked. Anthony was made a hero after stopping a robbery during a test of the suit, and became the hero Titan ever since.


Name: Mike Allen

Alias: Surge

Age: 22

Facial Appearance: A handsome young man with blue eyes and white hair.


Personality: The hero everyone loves to hate. He's very talkative and loves joking around a bit too much. He views being a hero as awesome rather than the responsibility behind it. Though when needed he can be focus and determined.

Powers: Has the ability to use electricity

Means of Travel: Super Speed.

Bio: Mike was always a goof. He never saw the seriousness in life, only the silly. He graduated from high school and moved onto college but was soon kicked out. On his last night he friends decided to throw him a party. Mike had a little to much to drink and decided to take a walk at around 12:30 am...in the middle of a storm. They say lightening never strikes twice but that wasn't Mike's case. He woke up 3 days later in a hospital bed. Within a week he was released and escorted out of the hospital. He noticed that he was getting shocked a lot. After an incident with a mugger he soon learned he could use electricity. It didn't take him long to make a costume and become a superhero.


((I'll put their Nemesis's later, sorry guys too busy to fit it in right now)).



1.You can play up to 3 characters(Nemesis characters don't count towards this as they won't be there constantly)

2. No Superman...I mean God Modding...yeah, no God Modding

3. Respect others

4. No one liners

5. Violence is good, extreme swearing and sexual content is not (PG-13)

6. Seriously, No Superman...I hate that guy

7. Have Fun!

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Name: Alex Corbin

Alias: Wolf

Age: 27

Facial Appearance: Short brown hair, intense green eyes, with tan skin.

Costume: Nature's Warden

Personality: A very quiet man. Not the shy type of quiet, but the always deep in thought type. He picks knowledge over acting on impulse first. But there have been occasions were impulse over whelmed his need to think. He can be stubborn and thick headed when his mind is set on something.

Powers: Mother Nature, and Transformation.

Means of Travel: Tends to fly around as a bird.

Bio: Raised on the streets of a big city, Alex wondered away from that life at a young age. He could always feel it in him that he didn’t belong in a city made of stone and steel, but in the wilderness, with the animals he swore could speak his name. As he traveled through the forest aimlessly he came upon a pack of wolves. The alpha wolf circled Alex questionably as if trying to decide he could be a meal for his pups. But when Alex showed no fear to the Alpha wolf, the wolf welcomed him into his pack, and there Alex learned to be fast like the wolves, strong like the bears, wise like the birds, and agile like the snakes.


Years later while Alex was tracking down a human wandering through the forest he came upon a mystical presence that blasted him with power. He lay upon the dirt ground trying to keep his mind from fading into the realm of nothing. But words echoed through his head “Our gift to you brother, protector of us”. When Alex regained his mind he found himself as a small mouse, the shortly later when thinking about his family the wolves, he transformed into one of them. He soon realized that all he had to do was think about what creature he wanted to be and he would be that. Months had passed and his power expanded, now he could create vines to hold things down, or create hard walls. And understanding his fellow animals became a lot easier for him.


The humans of the Cities thought of him as a menace, but one day when he traveled through the city as a small mouse he became a witness to a bank robbery. Traveling around as the mouse during the robbery he study the men with guns, and learned how to best dispose of them. Quickly he took them out one at a time each time as a different animal. When the last robber remained, Alex turned into a wolf and disposed of him. Transforming into his human form briefly he made sure the people were all right before turning back into the wolf and running off.

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Name: Timothy Lee

Alias: Blackhawk

Age: 27

Facial Appearance: Short black hair, green eyes, a small scar on his nose



Personality: Though a tactical genius, fighting is always a last resort for Blackhawk, and he will avoid killing unless it is absolutely necessary. Before fighting criminals he will first try to talk them out of what they're attempting, and if that fails, try to scare them off.

Powers: His suit it composed of an insulating inner layer, and a conducting outer layer, allowing him to safely electrify it.

Means of Travel( Power or Vehicle, your choice): His cape can split and harden to form a glider, along with wrist mounted grappling hooks.

Bio: Timothy Lee is by anyone's standards, a success. Wealthy, and extremely intelligent, if not prone to disappear for extended periods of time. After an incident with a mugger in close proximity to being forced to several high ranking executives in his company due to corruption, he was inspired to put his money towards fighting crime. Though lacking actual superpowers, he used his technical expertise and money to fashion a suit to compensate. Instead of coming up with an alias himself, he simply adopted the moniker most commonly used by the people for him.


Name: Unknown

Alias: Captain Crowbar

Age: Unknown

Facial Appearance:



Personality: Though referred to as a superhero, "psychopath" might be a more accurate description. His prime motivation is his love of whacking people with his crowbars, but he does manage to restrict his whacking to criminals in an attempt to stay on the right side of the law. Most of the time.

Weapons: A pair of crowbars

Powers: Something that can only be described as "Crowbar frenzy"

Means of Travel: Running

Bio: Captain Crowbar is something of a mystery. His face doesn't match anything on file, and he is never seen out of his costume, and no reporter can get close enough to him to ask him any questions without risking a crowbar to the face.

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Name: Brason Demarchia

Alias: Athen

Age: 21

Facial Appearance: http://th07.deviantart.net/fs42/300W/f/2009/065/5/3/HETALIA_Poland_by_Eddie_Zato1.jpg

Costume: ZOMG WIP

Personality: A very intelligent young man, but very reclusive. He used to work on devices that could null his powers, hoping to achieve some degree of normalcy. However one day his powers destroyed one of the machines he used to keep his powers hidden from the world and it resulted in a house fire that obliterated the rest of the devices as well as the blue prints.

Powers: Telekenisis and Telepath

Means of Travel: Flying by the use of Telekenisis

Bio: Brason was abandoned at the age of two, when his powers kicked in. He accidently sent the family cat flying out the window, screaming for her life, which she did survive. Though his mother walked in, just as his powers activated and then she and his father packed up and left town, leaving a defenseless (well semi-defenseless) two year old to die. However, due to the unique abilities that Brason possessed, he was soon discovered and put into a Foster home where they tried to snuff out his powers... which only made them stronger.


As he grew older, Brason turned more and more reclusive, until by the age of 18 he finally just refused to talk to anyone, locking himself up in his room the majority of the time. When his Foster parents passed, Brason went out into the real world and made a huge name for himself... ironically using the powers that he hated. After he gained a little over 1 million dollars, he started researching ways that he could finally destroy his powers, though the only few things that led him to was the nullation of his powers, though that wasn't what he wanted... he was starting to expand the power of his destructive devices when his powers just destroyed them all together. That's when he gave up and just settled with the fact that he wasn't normal.


Two years passed since then and Brason is the CEO of the Devar Corperation that deals with the mass production of nearly everything electronic. He has his own little private island, where he can just relax and tinker... the island itself has massive defense mechanisms to prevent others from invading his privacy.



Nemisis of Athen:

Name: Brason Demarchia

Alias: Destrudo

Age: 16 (that's how long Destrudo has been pervading Athen's mind)

Facial Appearance: http://www.unp.co.in/attachments/f96/1907d1179645723-prince-of-persia-the-two-thrones-dp.jpg

Costume: (same as what's in the facial appearance pic)

Personality: Poisonous... evil...

Bio: At the age of 5, a dark being entered Brason while his mind was in the Celestial Tundra. When Brason sought out his body once again, he couldn't find it... so he did what any normal person would do (although he did it by accident), he destroyed a boy's mind and took over the dead boy's body, using it as a means to track his own body... when he found Destrudo wreaking havoc on his friends, he cornered the dark being and forced it back to the Celestial Tundra, where he defeated the monster... though the sentient entered his mind once more, seeking to regain control over the body that was occupied by two different spirits. When Brason gets extremely angry or emotional, Destrudo breaks free, leaving a trail of death in his wake.

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Name: Mark Smith

Alias: Candlelight ((Weird name, I know))

Age: 25

Appearance: Black hair, a bit thin, brown eyes

Costume: ((Sorry, no pic)) Black stealth suit, trench coat, black gloves with open finger tips, red head band with a sun on it, bandana to cover part of face

Personality: All about practicality, to the point he is a Machiavellian. Will not hesitate to kill or destroy a narby building if he sees neccessary.

Powers: Stealth suit enables him to turn invisible, though it uses alot of power to the point that he rarely goes invisible. Black color helps him blend in during the night. It can also become a brighter color to help him blend in during the day. He can also absorb and manipulate light, and even surround parts of his body with it to act as kinetic energy boosters, making his punches and kicks more powerful. Also able to generate small exposions with the kinetic energy that results from the light. Light generates heat. The more light he's exposed to, the more powerful his light attacks are.

Means of Travel: Uses a normal car to get to places, but prefers to walk. Can form light platforms that let him stand on and glide quickly to places.

Bio: Originally a CIA agent, Sullivan was notoriously effective at his job due to his practical nature. He would later volunteer for a secret government project for personal cloaking devices and harnessing energy surrounding energy. During a test where he attempted to harness both the energy around him and use the cloaking device at the same time, a short-out of the electrical equipment in the stealth suit reacted with the large amount of energy he was trying to harness, causing an explosion. Sullivan was almost blinded by the blast, but was able to use the energy harnessing equipment to absorb the exposion's energy and save the lab personnel. However, the energy became permanently absorbed in him, giving him his light- and energy-based powers. Although being exposed to light helps enhance his powers, Smith prefers to operate at night, due to the fact that his costume is more simpler than the norm, though he doesn't hesitate to operate in the day if the need arises.


((Tell me if I overpowered him a little :)))

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Oh I forgot to mention Destrudo's powers...


Destrudo has gained the power over his time in Brason's body to consume the mortal world... as well as set flame to anything he sees, if he so chooses (which he normally does). He is one of the most dangerous advesaries that any hero or human would encounter.

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Tsk-tsk Cyborg, here you are making an RP, and inviting all these people, and you don't even ask me if I want to join. Shame! - Jk


You all knew it had to be, there has to be a bug based superhero.


Name: Zak Rainnon

Alias: Mantis (I know it's technically taken by characters from both Marvel, and DC, but it's better than calling him grasshopper, or cricket!)

Age: 30 -[Assumed]

Facial Appearance: Gaunt, baggy eyes that make him look like he hasn't slept in months, very short spiked-back light brown hair, a soul-patch, almost always has stubble, antennae, compound eyes, the usual. He always wears face-hugging sunglasses, and some form of antennae hiding object, whether a hat, or pins, or whatever.

Costume: Bug

Personality: Sharp, but not one of those cliche brainiacs, heroes seem to be. He's capable of thinking on the fly, and coming up with great strategies to deal with situations, but isn't, by far, the perfect hero. He's clever, and humorous, and tends to nag his opponents, though while outside of the crime/villain fighting business, he tends to be kind to others, replacing his nagging with concern. He has a tendency to doubt himself, and his intentions, even when he's doing the right thing.

Powers: Basically he's a human insect/Mantis (more specifically); Capable of great strength, striking speed (thus the Mantis title), jumping height, and distance. Has compound eyes, and antennae. Superior reaction timing. Skin is denser than normal human skin, and his 'suit' (he simply calls it his carapace) allows him to take heavy blows. Not necessarily a power, he has retractable blades/spines (very sharp) on the underside of his arm (again, like a Mantis), on the 'suit'.

Means of Travel: Mostly jumping, or running, since his extra-normal strength allows him to run faster than a normal man, although he doesn't have super speed, simply greater speed due to his strength. Can climb a great number of surfaces (but is not Spider-man, and cannot 'stick' to surfaces), using his strength for that too, as well as his arm blades/spines.

Bio: For all Zak has known, he's had his powers since birth, although, something tells him he gained them, and wasn't born with them. Whichever way he did obtain his abilities, he doesn't know, or at the least, remember. As far back as he can remember, which is surprisingly not far back, he's had his powers. He doesn't remember his youth, recalls no parents, or relatives, and can only speculate that he might have once been a villain before he couldn't remember.


As such, if one asks him if, or how he forgot, he often replies that he didn't forget, only that he doesn't remember, implying that somewhere along the way in the past he did this to himself, or that something occurred where he might have willingly forgotten something, most likely because of some kind of trauma. How he remembers his name however, is beyond his, or anyone else's comprehension. He even tried using his name to find out about his past, and found nothing other than his social security number, and access to a bank account that records show had several thousand dollars in it, but were withdrawn only a few short weeks before he started remembering again (or self-conscious, if you want to put it in a simpler way). This evidence, as well as some weird bit of internal insight, lead him to believe that he was once a villain-type somewhere along the way.


What lead him to fight crime, and villainy, was, well, he doesn't know really, he simply started doing it once he'd discovered his 'suit', or carapace again, which had been lying on the ground inside a rundown facility that he'd been subconsciously drawn to. With more of that weird internal insight, he came to the assumption that the facility was once a base of operations of sorts. Maybe not for him, but he at one point operated out of it. Study into the building's history brought up only minute details, and censored files by the government.


He can only assume his age, as he's never found out, or remembers, and while he did use his name to search about his past, he never actually got more than the account, and social security number, no age was really included. He feels he might be younger, but looks like he's older - most say he looks like a homeless smoker in his mid forties who hasn't slept in months, yet he doesn't smoke, and sleeps every night (he gets the opportunity to sleep, that is), and knows from that same weird internal insight that he is definitely not in his forties, the homeless part, well, is more-or-less true - so he has taken in all this and come up with a round estimate of being around thirty. Since he knows nothing of his birthday, he increases his age yearly by the passing of the day he became self-conscious.


Well, done for now, Nemesis comes a little later. Tell me if anything is wrong with the character Cyborg.

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((Will these two work Cyborg?))


Name Unknown

Alias: Zeron

Age: 30

Appearance: Medium length black hair, 7'3, Hazel eyes, Built like a battle tank.

Costume: Zeron. Zeron wears a suit of battle armor specificly designed for his massive frame. The battle suit is able to minimize the impact of most superpowers

Personality: Zeron is has a conflicted personality, one moment he may be a roaring lunatic and the next he may be a polite gentleman. This makes him extremley unpredictable.

Powers: None. He prefers to use weapons such as an SOF combat assault rifle

Means of Travel: Motorcycles, Helicoptors and various other vehicles.

Bio: Not much is known about Zeron except that he is impossibly strong and is leader of a criminal organization known as the Red Empire. His main opponet is a Hero known as Shade. Due to Shade's constant interferance he has been forced to move his operations to America.





Name: Unknown

Alias: Shade

Age: 30

Facial Appearance: Unknown. She wears a mask over her face. The only thing that is known about her face is that she has blue eyes and is 6'4

Costume: Shade wears a costume that is pure black except for a small silver lining along the edges of the cloak she wears.

Personality: Shade is cold and ruthless toward her enemies, Zeron in particular. However she never harms the innocent

Powers: None, although she is a master of blending in with her enviorment and is a master of hand to hand combat. The gloves she wears allow her above average strength.

Means of travel: Personal Jet

Bio: Like Zeron, not much is known about Shade. All that is known is that she is from Japan as is currently on her way to America to pursue her nemsis Zeron.

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And here is the Nemesis. Not what you'd expect, hm?


Also, I want her under my control only. Yes, Cyborg can control any character since he's the TM, but since he gave us a choice, she is mine to command. Unless Cyborg requests her for some Nemesis kind of activity for her to commit, ect. Anyone else who assumes they shall control her, I have one word...No.


Name: All anyone knows is that it's probably Scandinavian

Alias: Valkyrie - [That's all Mantis/Zak recognized from what she said before beating him senseless, on their first encounter.]

Age: Looks to be in her early 20's

Facial Appearance: Just look at the picture, she hides nothing! (I don't mean that in a derogatory way.)

Costume: Controled

Personality: From the encounters Mantis (and a few others) have had with her, she's the strong-willed type. But her face has a near-constant expression of sadness on it, even in the middle of combat while under great strain she barely expresses more than a little more than the furrowing of her brows, and no more. Sometimes she gives deadpan looks, or looks of curiosity (raised eyebrow and all), and when prodded enough (mostly by Mantis, since he's encountered her enough to know how to push her buttons) she gets angry. Other than that few have really seen anything of a 'personality' out of her. Some have had the rare opportunity of seeing her make certain expressions that she normally doesn't, such as grimacing, gritting teeth, look surprised, or amazed, while Mantis has been the only one to ever see her smile, although he claims it was more of a crooked grin than anything else, since he'd smashed her into a wall.

Powers: She is, by far not normal in terms of strength, although not superhuman by any means, she can lift far more the any average person. She has held her own against Mantis, which is a testament to her strength, and has even been able to back him into corners with it, but is not truly as strong as him, which has been proven. While under great duress she seems to display greater prowess in battle, though yes she gets somewhat stronger, faster, and more alert, it's less of a ability enhancer, as it is more of just a massive burst of adrenaline. Her armor (much like Mantis' carapace) allows her to take powerful blows, most assume (and pretty much know) it isn't normal armor. But what actually gives her 'powers' are her sword, and from Mantis' studies, the strange floating square of beads around her neck. The beads grant her a Blink ability, one that she doesn't seem to enjoy, but uses to up her odds against others' greater abilities. Her sword can cut through a great many materials, but isn't some mythical indestructible blade, on the contrary, Mantis, and a few others, have managed to chip, and even crack it (although every time she's encountered it seems to be as good as new). It grants her some sort of boon, as if it's some kind of conduit, whether temporal, magical, or something else, no one knows, but it grants her the ability to wield Entropic abilities. However strange this may be, she surprisingly isn't all too concerned with using this 'power', and more or less uses her superior combat abilities with her sword, than the abilities the sword grants her.

Means of Travel: Few have seen the way she travels the great distances she does. The few that have can't really associate it with any abilities she's displayed. Some assume she uses her Blink ability, but from those who've encountered her enough, know that she can't really travel too far with her Blink ability. All Mantis knows is that her way of travel seems to include some kind of temporal energy that encompasses her like a cocoon, and then she's gone. Often when she is seen using this kind of travel, she seems to grow far more somber, and sad, even compared to normal.

Bio: Nothing is known about her, other than she only speaks some kind of Scandinavian language. The first encounter with her ever, was when she appeared one day, very similar to how she travels great distances now, in a flash of temporal light, and, dazed, angry, and confused, saw Mantis, who was there, and spat something out in her language, the only word Mantis really recognized was Valkyrie, and then she proceeded to beat the living tar out of Mantis, while he, confused, concerned, and unsure, tried to talk her down, but ultimately failed, as she proceeded to thrash him, and leave him lying on the ground unconscious.


She has been spotted often enough since then, by Mantis, and others, and although has never committed a crime, encounters with her often end with conflict (especially when Mantis encounters her, as she seems to have grown a negative disposition towards him).


Mantis has come up with several accurate assumptions about Valkyrie, that he has shared with very few others. That she is not really all that much a villain, for one, which is obvious from her lack of evil emanation, the fact that she's never been witnessed committing a crime (other than assault), and the expression of sorrow on her face tells Mantis a different story. From this he assumes that she's trapped, or perhaps a puppet being controlled, as she seems to hate the floating beads about her neck, that grant her the Blink ability, which she also dislikes. He believes they are the source of her entrapment, or control, but has never managed to remove a single bead. One more of his assumptions, is that she's definitely not from around here, or at least, from this time, as her looks, and appearance, as well as language, and abilities (and her reactions to what was around her when Mantis first encountered her) tell him she's not familiar with anything in the modern world, which make him believe that she's not from this time.



So, is this approved Cyborg?

Edited by Master_Archon
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Most likely it is, seeing as on LF, and the DTC there are strict rules in place, ect.


Seeing as your Nemesis wasn't a separate entity from your character, controlling said Nemesis would have resulted in a form of Char. control, which is not permitted, lest it be by the TM (Thread Master, which would be Cyborg). My Nemesis on the other hand is different, as she is a separate character from my own, and apparently an NPC-type of character (the way our TM put it, that is), which prompted me to quickly defend my claim to her control.


But if Cyborg so desires her to do something Nemisisissy, then I shall do so.

Edited by Master_Archon
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Name: Unknown

Alias: Erebus

Age: 161 (looks 28)

Facial Appearance: Pale Skin, Long black hair, piercing electric blue eyes. Has a scar running across his face.


Personality: Intelligent, Stern and often keeps to himself. Often Ruthless with his methods.

Powers: Psionics

Means of Travel: Flying and Levitation

Bio: Erebus has lived a long life of pain and guilt. His vocal accent indicates him of Australian origin, but developed to be more cultivated. He first became aware of his abilities in 1887, when he noticed he did not age beyond 30. His first usage of Psionic Abilities ended up hurting the one he loved, which met with unpleasant reception by his own community as they thought his wife was a victim of abuse. As a result, he left his own country volunterily and moved to Japan the following years. There he studied the ways of the Samurai, and eventually became a gifted Swordsman. He gradually exercised his Psionic Abilities to the point where he was able to fly. After the many, many decades filled with war his personality changed to a somewhat more darker anti-hero like persona. After the new Millenium, he moved to Gallion City, and pursued a career as a private Bounty Hunter - naming himself after the greek god Erebus, as he soars through the darkness of night, hunting down the injustice with his blade.

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Name: George Edison

Alias: Prophet

Age: 28

Appearance: Prophet.jpg

Personality: Stoic, yet patient. Prophet does not believe in the laws of humanity, but rather in what is right. Martial artist.

Power: Precognition

Means of Transport: Acura RL

Bio: Stock analyst by day, enemy of criminals by night. George Edison was always good at prediction, but the strain of the stock market force him to take his senses to a new level. He is capable of predicting the future, and uses this ability to take down those who would bring suffering to Gallion. However, Edison (under the alias of "Prophet") is distrusting of legal system, believing humanity incapable of true justice.

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(Hope you don't mind me joining)

Name: Tom

Alias: Vengeance

Age: 24 (Before Death)

Facial Appearance: White hair, red eyes (See Costume Pic)

Costume: See Picture

Personality: Mysterious and silent to most, occasional shows a sense of humour mocking Villains before fighting them (a trait of Toms).

Powers: Spiritually Imbued Scythe, Thought projection (sounds different to everyone depending on their past), Intangibility.

Means of Travel: Floating / Shadow Teleportation (Able to teleport from one shadow to another in a certain distance)

Bio: Despite his superhero appearance Vengeance is a warrior for good and the just.


He was a normal young man, until one night when he was kidnapped after going out to a club by a cult and offered in a ritual sacrifice to a Demon he was granted a second chance at life but at a great cost.


Taking an oath he vowed he would never let this happen again to an innocent, he was returned to where he died with a new purpose to avenge himself and the others who died and get vengeance on those that brought the demon to this world his hair was white and eyes were bright red a stark contrast compared to his old blond hair and grey/green eyes.


His justice was swift, dispatching of the cult members and engaging the demon in a heated combat which destroyed the building, he came to his senses in the aftermath of the battle the demon was gone he realised he had killed the cultists and swore he would never kill unless left with no other option.


Re-branding himself as Vengeance he will teach villains the errors of their ways.

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