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Color Crystal Confusion - A Call for Clairty


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I think I've done my research right, I've searched numerous mods using different search terms, looked through tutorials, poked around the Kotor tool into .2da and .uti files, but I haven't found the answer I'm looking for.


I'm not sure how many experienced people still pursue this forum, but I have one major question I'm trying to tackle:


For KOTOR 2 TSL, how do I create lightsabers that can have their colors changed with crystals on a workbench?


I think this is out of my league, so here is my mod request outlined in its entirety. Some of this I can do on my own and have done, but because of the issue above, I'm looking for a mod that does the following:

  1. Adds the dialog option for Bau-dur to make a shortsaber in addition to a doublesaber and singlesaber
  2. All the lightsabers that Bau-dur helps you make are unique and different from regular lightsabers in the following ways
  3. The lightsabers Title will be <FullName>'s Lightsaber or shortsaber and so on
  4. The description of the lightsaber will be "This particular lightsaber was made by the Exile, <FullName>. The grip is cold to the touch and nearly leaps out of your hand when you ignite the blade."
  5. The lightsabers won't apear randomly as loot or in stores and can only be made by Bau-dur once or use console codes
  6. They give a +2 Cold Damage atribute in addition to normal energy
  7. They give the Bonus Feat Force Jump (just the first one, not the higher levels)
  8. Finally, and most importantly, when you use a work bench to upgrade the unique lightsaber, it can change colors with different crystals and doesn't crash the game.


They don't need special hilts or flickering blades, in fact I prefer them to look like the standard ones. If you really must alter something, I wouldn't mind if the shortsaber hilts were longer, though maybe they already are the same size as a normal blade hilt, I've never really looked at them side by side.


Thank you for your time, especial reading this rather wordy, long-winded post. I hope there is someone still active who can accommodate me or at least tell me with finality that what I'm trying to do is impossible because something or whatnot is hard wired and you would have to gut the whole game engine......

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