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I've had a quick look - it looks to me like a pvr texture with a truncated or modified header (there's the 4 byte header size and then width/height dwords - possibly more?)


A bit of googling reveals that iphone developers sometimes just have the raw PVRTC texture with a minimal header. Handy for saving space when you've got lots of images and dont want to have the full 52 byte header tagged on each image.

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I have a trouble again.


So We made localised (Hungarian) version of Monkey Island SE 1 and 2 for PC and iPhone.

I just bought a JTAG XBOX 360, and I would like to make localisation for XBOX also.

I try Monkey Island Explorer with Xbox version Monkey1.pak, but it can not handle (version 0.4)

I used xbdecompress, than Eplorer opened decompressed monkey1.pak, but extracted dds files are corrupted, I can not open it with paint.net

( it worked well with PC version)


Please help




Version 0.4 don not work

Version 0.2 work with decompresed monkey1.pak, but do not work with monkey2.pak

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Fixed it - was a stupid class overriding bug - the big endian detection got ignored. I'll upload new version later.


I've tried it with the demo versions of xbox mi1 and 2 that I was sent and it opens and works perfectly with both when XBDecompress has first been used to decompress the pak file.


[Edit] Done - see my site for the new version.

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