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Slave Leia Car Wash!!


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Damn! All but the first videos are private now! I can't watch them >.<



Is it wrong that I think the Padme is by far the hottest? >.>



EDIT: It most definitely is not. I just realized that she's Sara Jean Underwood O.o

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^^^Make an account and either get the Easy YouTube downloader tool or just type or copy/paste the URL into keepvid.




Ok, yknow what? I'm just going to sign in and do this myself before the videos get taken off YT for some bull$**t "copyright infringement complaint".


Edit: Done. Now I have blueprint for that idea in my archives.


After seeing this on digg, I was curious how they managed to get every female star wars fan to this one carwash, but then I figured they probably just hired actresses :p


Yeah b/c let's face it: SW geeks tend to stand out. We're special. I'd like to find a land where there are as many female SW fans as there are us guys. But that's probably never going to happen.


This is at once awesome and disheartening.


Maybe we could convert the actresses? Y? N? Maybe?



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Yeah, I figured they were either models or actresses. Does it really matter, though, if it's your car they're washing? ;)



Of course they're models and actresses. Would you rather they look like this?






Also: Yay! Looks like the videos are no longer private!






EDIT: After ruining everyone's mood with that, I decided I had to redeem the thread with some lovely Kristen Bell:




And some random chick:



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Hell yeah that girl looks better.


Look on the bright side: If nothing else the costume design is fundamental: at least gives the current hotties (whatever decade) an excuse to get a little more than half naked and tease the hell out of us SW fans. Some of them actually like that kind of attention. So that could be considered a perk.


Though I bet those lucky bastards in the 501st can afford these slave Leia costumes costumes to fit for *any* willing actress or model they want at ANY convention. >_<


*walks off feeling depressed*

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more, you say?




i remember her saying it wasn't real metal but who cares XD


i think she goes to all those cons like that. she was at like Celebration and comic-con. i didn't see her at the last comic-con even though she was there tho. too many people in that crowded place. ah well XD

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