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Need moore fighting tip (Last Crusade)

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Im probably not the first one to be annoyed over the fighting system in

Last Crusade...but i may be the first one who will complain ;) on the only real fighting tip guide from...gamefaq


it talk about a block and advanced block feat that i have not succeded to use in reality, i agree that you use 9,6,3 for the punches..then it seems like 7,4,1 all 3 are retreating backwards? doesnt matter who you use of them..i dont see anything blocking related at all using this keys, then we have row 8,5,2 that according to the guide is advanced blocking..but the guide doesnt explain what pressing them will create..how advanced blocking differse from normal block 7,4,1

(that didnt block :)well...reatreating isnt the same as blocking atleast not in my book)


I have succeded to fail picing up Mein Kampf in my early game history so the only option to get trough is to win the fight with the security-nazi


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and he appears to be the toughest so far..

sure i can retreat slowly backwards and build up alot of punch power in the beginning, but soon when im against the wall i need to adopt the block feat to survive, cause doesnt matter who frenetic i switch between hitting between groint, liver and nostril..he have moore punch power


Also i can recomend people to not try perform a save during the fight :¬:..just beacuse you think you gained the upperhand early..cause it only creates this nice graphic bug you see in the pic..and its even moore stressing to not be able see eachothers health


(sorry for possibly crappy spelling)

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