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What would be YOUR TFU2 story if you could make it?


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Hi guys.


After this thread went on I realised a little part of me had died. The part that liked the Star Wars movies (I'm from '89 so I grew up with the '97 revised OT. I became a fan before the PT), games like Jedi Knight, Kotor and Rogue Squadron. In retrospect, I like the PT better then the newest games.


I read the thread and realised SW gaming has become the new Sonic. Abused for everything, discarding it's origins and generally pushing long-time fans turn away.


They tried to put EVERY single '12-year old SW nerdgasm' element in the TFU 2 story. Clones, Kamino, Gladiators (saw the Crowe movie yesterday, epic), duel wielding, Darth Vader and Yoda. And big beasts.


Where are the times when a SW games had it roots inside the universe but did something different and wasn't about Vader, Palpatine and lightsabers? Where main characters like Luke Skywalker had cameo's to support the setting?


Based on the TRAILER, what did you think the story would be? What should it be?


PS: The LA boss stepped down. Maybe one of us should take the job...

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Great Points :) TBH The trailer was kick ass, but It didn't really make me think about what the story would be, I guess because its the last thing on game companies mind, and it shows. All I know is I don't want some kind of Canon Mind-F every time something is released, Personally, I wouldn't touch Midichlorians, Yoda, the Rebel Alliance, Vader, Luke, Black Lightsabers, any type of white armor... so I guess my Ideas straight out the door hehe.

I think that TFU II has already "Jumped The Shark" with its current Storyline, but I would of Probably had the story center around another Character and have each game in another era and Character, like Ulic qel-droma unleashed, Sith Wars Unleashed, Mace windu unleashed.

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