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No pass in drawer @ brunwald castle Part 2

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Last Crusade


Allwright it seems like you where not forced to disable the alarm, so i have skipped that experiment http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=203740


have now instead found dad through the window way, and are now down in the empy officer-office excluded dog, the only problem is that im absolutley sure that there isnt any "pass" inside that drawer, an ingame-scrip should have played @ the officers office as soon as i open the chest with theiuniform...according to this video atleast

but i guess it could be random trigger for each playtrough?


Is this save usless and i must replay one older save?


(by the way, its impossible to see any IQ point system through Scummvm, so i feel kinda left out when the entire internet refere to this points)

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