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[Linux] JKA Server Bugs


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I have finished a little program today, it fixes some bugs in the Q3 engine.

It supports JKA and JK2, all versions so far.


It fixes

1. the download bug ( a.k.a traversal bug [http://www.securityfocus.com/archive/1/archive/1/433349/100/0/threaded])

2. the callvote bug (you cannot run commands via callvote)

3. cvar overflow bug, dont allows cvar values over 255 chars

4. disables debug commands


plus its possible to log the whole output of the server console

and its possible to force certian cvars.


You can find more infos here.





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How did you fix the cvar overflow problem? Did you hack the .so to increase the MAX_CVAR value?


Nope, I just hooked the Cvar_Set2 function, and limited the size of the value to 255

Even if you increase MAX_CVAR, it wouldn't solve the problem of overflowing.

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