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Destroyable jetpack


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I'm wondering if it is possible to code the jetpack so that when you hit it, it will explode like in episode 2. This means completely disable the flying abilities and doing some minor damage to the player who is wearing it.


I have never programmed in jedi academy before. But I do know the c++ language. If this is possible then I want to try this to test my skills in c++

Also, all the help to get me started is appreciated of course :)



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well i think it is possible... maybe you look at this code




just search for cloak...



* Added by Kimmy

* Disables the victim's jetpack if we fire some lightnings at him



if ( traceEnt->client->jetPackOn )

{// disable jetpack temporarily


traceEnt->client->jetPackToggleTime = level.time + Q_irand( 3000, 10000 );




If you want to expand this than strip the clients jetpack, decrease his health, play a sound and fx :p

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