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Hunters of the Dead (Zombies Walk Total Recall)


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This is a new/remix of my first RP, Zombies Walk!, and I thought another shot at it would be good. I'll lay out a better backstory this time.

In the year 2038...

The world has progressed much since the beggining of the 21st century. Peace on a global scale is around the corner, man has finally learned to accept the idea of , well, acceptance. But, and organization, one that capitalizes on fear and war, won't let this happen.

The small country of Kaanshi, barely into modern times, has coalesced with this organization (which is named BlackWing), and provided them with test subjects for a new viral synthesis on which they place much hope. Maybe, war can remain, letting them scam a few more bucks for justr a little bit more...

2 years later...

An all-out apocalypse is reigning over the world. 'Red Zones', places filled with the Infected, are consisting of more than 80% of the land mass. 'White Zones, theoretical safe zones, are little more than 5% of the global land mass, with the last 15% consisting of varying degrees of infected-to-space ratios.

A new army has arisen, one not discriminating against black or white, young or old, man or woman, and what past you have. Called the 'Order of the Shield', they are little more than mercenaries, but with a heart. They practice the ways of honor and chivalry, and the way of the gunslinger.

But, in this decaying world, can the human race even win?


Now, the Character Sheets.



Affiliation(IE: Old U.S. Army, Order of the Shield, what ever side has the money...)-

Looks(Pic's would be nice, but a description will do)-


Major Skills(IE: Gunslinger, smooth talker, scavenger, sniper, etc, etc.)


Thats it, and I invite anyone to join. If you were in this before, I encourage you to use the same character, with minor modifications ofcourse.

Now, for my character.

Name: Sam Larson

Age: 26

Affiliation- Order of the Shield, Freelance Corps

Looks-Wesker.jpg, he usually wears a long leather duster, with two criss-crossing bandoliers of ammo across his chest, along with steel toes boots and black pants.

Equipment- One experimental XM15 pistol, of his own make. Uses .357 Mag rounds for the recolver portion and .30-30 for the smal rifle under barrel. Also, he has a Marlin 336 sawed off lever action rifle, used in .30-30 cal. As a last resort, he carries a Silver Dragoon blade, a 16 inch machete.

Major Skills- Gunsmithing, Sniper, Martial Arts ( Krav Maga)

History- Sam was born into a highly militaristic family. Indoctrinated since birth into the ways of the army, he not only survives in this world, he thrives. He lives for every moment, every kill, every carrier taken down. It's how he grew up. He had a brief stint in the Military, which was cut short when he killed some 'un-armed' civilians, which is a situation that still drives him to the bottle, or occasionally, the extra bullet or two in a zombie.

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Name: Aiden Valko

Age: 23

Affiliation: Order of the Shield

Looks: http://x3non.com/image/Ataris/15/DarkBoywithaFireButterfly2.jpg (black hair, green eyes, black military-style jacket, black V-neck, shades (rarely used), black skinny jeans, black boots)

Equipment: a sniper rifle, recieved from the Order, and a pistol he'd been using before that, along with a knife that he keeps in a small compartment in his boot

Major Skills: fair marksmanship and sneaking skills, is improving on his sniping

History: Living on the dark side of life, Aiden realized that the threat of zombies was just the adventure he'd been looking for. Training in essential skills, zones of infection broke out in his area in New York, and he was forced to abandon. Living on the fringe, he sought out resistance groups, and found the Order. He is not well-known, but his good intentions have earned him a place in the group--for now. And if he can get good at his new marksman position, he hopes to become a decent mercenary.

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