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Ghoul2 API Function Reference


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I've spent the past few weeks tinkering with the Ghoul2 API for various reasons. I thought it would be useful if others had some idea at what most of the functions do, so I compiled a fairly completely G2 API function reference here:




The main functions I'm stuck on are trap_G2API_CollisionDetect, trap_G2API_CollisionDetectCache, and trap_G2API_SetBoltInfo. The first two seem to be used in similar cases, but the 'cached' version is only used for vehicles. Also, I'm not exactly sure what SetBoltInfo does. I've written down my guess in the function reference, but it would be nice if anyone else with more experience could fill in the missing knowledge for me :)


There are a few other functions which I wasn't completely sure on (marked with a TODO), but seeing as they aren't even used in the SDK, I don't think they are as important.

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