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EA Keynote briefing

Jae Onasi

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Lynk, leXX, and I watched the live feed of the EA briefing and made our comments. The streams got off sync for the 3 of us now and then, so bear with us. There is AWESOME TOR News!!!


Note: we're putting up a language warning, because we did drop a few naughty words now and then, and I didn't have time to go through and bleep any of them out except mine at the end. However, it's very rare.


The link for the gametrailers stream we listened to:



Our 'simulcast' and reactions:


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Strange, the TOR stuff was at the very end of the EA conference... it's kind of hard to miss with the big





ah yeah i caught it. the player bugged and ended halfway through. omg though lovin it. the cinematic was epic and - PERSONAL SHIPS OMG WTF lovin it!


but again..no ME3 or DA2 .. what the hell. im very very surprised at DA though..given that a february "release date" was in the press releases of awakening for something.

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