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Force Unleashed 2 New Trailer

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F***ing amazing!!!


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The final scene is awesome, reminds me of the Thrawn trilogy, the whole trailer has an authentic old school OT feel to it but with some kickass lightsaber action, also reminds me of Jedi Outcast a bit but I dunno if that's just the blue lightsabers...
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That trailer is s0o0o0o00oo0o00o0o good !!!! lol i was gobsmacked when i watched it.

Maked me even more excited for the game to come out. HURRY UP lol im over waiting !

I also love the way that es become more bold in saying "vader has betrayed me for the last time, he cant stop me know " or something like that. AND ...he now has a pretty cool purpose which is i think... to find juno . omg drooling just thinking about it lol

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Nice. No one can beat Lucasarts at the trailer game. I enjoyed TFU I enought to definitely check this out on my upcoming new x360, or pc - whichever is released first.


lolz: 10,000 posts: GRRRGHGRRRRRWWWRRRRRAARR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [/chewie roar]



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I just thought of something.


At one point Galen cuts open the fuel tank on one of the 'things' and then uses force lightning to ignite it.


How is it that the lightsaber didn't ignite the fuel?



At this point i have no idea.


Is Galen a clone, or did Vader have him resurrected like he did in TFU1?


Perhaps some of the enemies in TFU2 will be clones? We do see one waking up at the end of this trailer.

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