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Guardian Builds


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I'm just wondering what everyone's favorite guardian build is: scoundrel/guardian, scout/guardian, soldier/guardian. Also, wondering what feats you like to take as a guardian, and stat placement, how your stats look when you first build your guardian, and where you put the five that come with leveling. If you want to throw in what gear you end up with right before the unknown world, that would be helpful, too!


The real point of this thread is to maybe possibly find something I hadn't thought of before, as well as fine tuning the stat placement for a guardian build. I'm looking at making a new guardian playthrough, LS, and I just can't quite decide how to go about it. I've got a couple builds floating around in my head, but maybe the ideas others post here will give me some new inspiration. Happy posting!

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Ok, no one has posted anything, so I'm going to 'spur' people on with an example.


My current guardian build I've gone with is STR based, LS, and I started out as a soldier with the following set up:


STR: 14

DEX: 14

CON: 14

INT: 10

WIS: 14

CHA: 12


I put all my level up stat points into STR, and I decided on staying with Power Attack as my primary combat feat. My equipment at the end is going to be: Dominator Gauntlets, Circlet of Saresh, Star Forge Robes (Qel-droma Robes prior to the Star Forge), Brejik's Arm Band, CNS Strength Enhancer, and a single saber that currently has a Krayt Dragon Pearl and the Solari Crystal. As of lvl 18 I have chosen to spend my feat points on Master Dueling, Master Jedi Defense, Master Power Attack, Weapon Specialization: Lightsabers, Improved Conditioning, and Empathy.


Comments? Critiques? I'd really love to get a good discussion going on this topic... :thmbup1:

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STR based.. get INT 8, DEX 8. No difference between int 8 and 10(1 skill point in both cases) and defence is not needed with stun powers, with attack bonus coming from STR anyway.


STR 16+levelup


CON 14

INT: 8

WIS: rest

CHA: rest


With 1 sabre str based Flurry>>>PA.


Getting stun and fear line.

Round 1 - area disable.

Round 2 - kill stuff.

Round 3 - next group.


This is even more ridiculous without difficulty mods, because nothing survives a round of contact.

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Scoundrel 7/ Guardian 13


STR 14 + 4 = 18


CON 10


WIS 12

CHA 12


You can distribute the remaining starting and level up points however you want. I tend to put the starting points in DEX (4 more) for two more AC and INT because I like to have some additional gameplay options available to my character far as things like HK go, but sticking them in WIS to help your success with disabling force powers against higher level opponents is probably better from a combat perspective. CON is okay to stick 2 more in, but the idea of this build is to be able to "click and kill" or "stun and kill" -- enemies won't hurt you if they're dead after all.


TACTICS: With speed activated, Force Jump at a foe from range. Each attack scored off the Force Jump receives the Scoundrel's Sneak Attack damage (+4d6 or 14 points on average at Scoundrel 7 for each attack that lands).


In the case of multiple opponents or if the Force Jump attack fails to kill an opponent outright, follow up with a disabling Force attack (Stasis Field, Insanity, or utilizing the Force Wave line's stun effect). Each melee attack made against a disabled opponent results in a Sneak Attack as well (the same concept is what makes Mission an amazing combat NPC if you utilize your Jedi's Force Powers to set her up for ranged Sneak Attacks).


WEAPONS: Obviously, to get the most out of this, you will want to maximize your number of attacks, which means a Double-Saber or dual-wielding. According to my spreadsheet, Double will likely be best if you maximize your gear for melee combat, though balanced dual sabers are still fine.


FEATS: Flurry is not as good as Power Attack against week opponents which you are certain to hit, but most of those opponents can also be disabled, which creates a situation where the Sneak Attack damage from the bonus Flurry attack either exceeds or comes close to the damage advantage of Power Attack. Whether it's worth it to spend Force energy to disable weak opponents when you could just Power Attack them is up to you. Meanwhile, Flurry has a higher expected damage in this build against opponents with high ACs relative to the player, so even though those opponents may be more resistant or immune to disabling attacks, Flurry is actually the best basic move against tough opponents in this build anyway.


While dual-wielding sabers probably won't quite match what a maxed out double-saber Jedi can do, they are still good in this build. Against difficult opponents, Critical Strike is the best attack here at high levels. Whereas against weaker opponents, the same tradeoffs between Power Attack and Force Power + Flurry still apply.

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