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Star Wars KOTOR: Counterplay

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"Lady Jedi, We have special, seperate accommodations set up for you."


Juhani nodded her thanks at the at the two of them and entered her room cautiously. There was telling if there was something waiting for her inside. She looked over the room carefully, not seeing anything that could harm her.


This room actually looks quite comfortable. But I can sense someone else on board...someone in the cargo hold. I'll investigate that later.



"With her connections and resources, who knows what she will attempt to accomplish. So, we have to be bold. We have to get enough evidence to convict her of real connections with the Found, a charge of treason in conspiracy with terrorists, or we have to remove her in a less conventional and much more controversial fashion, AKA a round to the head. I don't think the latter will be necessary, as I have a knack for getting info, but it is an option.”


"If you do need someone to take care of this senator then look no further. Back during the jedi civil war I served with the Sith. I was with an elite unit that went after Jedi. I've managed to kill off Jedi before, a senator should pose no problem."

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Melany smiled at Mica's story. "Wow. So that's why you guys picked this job. Your father inspired you. That's really great." She quickly looked at Mica and glanced back ahead, trying her best to hide her smile. It was great to hang out with a fun guy. Mica and Sal were totally outgoing and funny. Kinda reminded her of her friends.


The young woman cleared her throat and smiled, forgetting about the Death sticks. She was having a good time talking with Mica. She wondered how the other brother was doing with the others as well.

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((Wow, I've missed a lot! Not to worry, though...Perdy's back!))




Perdante surveyed her quarters with the appraising eye of a young woman who had known poverty and spartan living for most of her life. As a child in the slums of Coruscant, she was lucky if her family had mattresses not infested with insects, some of them irradiated. As a Sith, she had been forced to stay in a dormitory on Korriban that was half the size of her cabin on the Millennial. Sleeping on cold, hard metal was rumored to strengthen a person, to toughen him or her up. All it had done to Perdante was make her back ache!


These quarters, however, would more than suffice. After flopping down on the firm yet yielding gray mattress in quite an un-Jedi-like fashion, she sighed contentedly, went to the private refresher to relieve herself, sanitized her hands, and then went to see Captain Starr. What did she want?




"Assassination should be our last resort when it comes to Senator Skelch, not the first," warned Admiral Onasi. "We want to be the good guys here. If we go for 'a round to the head' before we really find out what Skelch is doing, we're going to fuel suspicious across Coruscant and the whole galaxy that we're willing to do anything to stop political candidates we don't like. It might be more efficient to go after her with a blaster rifle immediately, but the rule still stands: Innocent until proven guilty. Are we all agreed?"

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Zen was completely baffled at how the two human male officers were acting around the Captain. They were speaking as if they were equal in power to her and were even touching her. To lay a hand on a Sangheili Commander would result in instant death. Yet here these two were acting like children and all the Captain did was tell them to stop. Once again Zen found himself wishing a Sangheili were in charge only to watch the two officers be behead for such foolishness.


Zen did not have many items with him to bring aboard the Millennial. All he had was his armor and his energy sword. The ship would provide his basic needs for food, water, and a place to sleep so he didn't bother with any of those. He followed after the the one known as Sal as he showed them where they would be staying while aboard the ship. He watched as the officer signaled to him and the armored man called Caboose to the right. He also heard Sal say both Juhani and Perdante would be given special quarters. This did not bug him as much as the behavior of the officer's but still got to him a bit. Once again he had to remember that humans did things differently than his kind did.


Zen was about to make his way into the room when he heard Caboose's remark of his kind. The "it" comment was the last straw in his mind. He let out a roar in anger and walked up to both Sal.


"The armored human can have the entire room, I don't wish to be such a burden on your kind," Zen snarled beginning to walk away. "If this were a Sangheili ship, there would be order! No lesser ranking officers talking back to their superiors so freely, No warriors being given special privileges when the title should be enough, and most importantly no feeling of superiority!" He shouted so that everyone would hear.


He was so sick of humans at that moment in time he was considering just slicing them all down. He took a deep breath and knew he wouldn't do such a thing no matter how angered he was.

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Perdante was suddenly overwhelmed by an enormous disturbance in the Force. At first, she mistook it for a tremendous surge of irritation and annoyance, but then thought about it for a moment. The Force signature wasn't coming from a human, but rather an alien presence aboard the Millennial. Zen. It had to be the Sangheili warrior, perhaps trying to adjust to being the only one of his kind on the vessel. Everyone else was human--or, at least, they all acted as if they were human.


She made her way to the doorway of the men's dormitory. "Zen?" she asked. Then, after a long pause, she continued, "I...I have to go see the Captain in a bit, but I never got to thank you properly for rescuing me from the Throne of Gain on Coruscant. I would have died, chained to that chair, if it hadn't been for you." Her voice sounded muffled through the thick metal door, but it was clear enough for anyone inside the dormitory to hear. "I'm gladly in your debt..."

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He bent over forward as the coughs wracked his body, lasting a good forty seconds before he could breath again - and even then, it was a tight, uncomfortable rasping. Dominic waited for it to pass...and when it didn't, he lay sideways on the bed to get access to the nightstand. Even then, he had to fumble for several seconds amongst the clutter of empty vials before he managed to get hold of a full syringe. Sitting back up, he waited for another coughing fit to pass before rolling up his sleeve and jamming the needle into his arm and injecting the serum. He collapsed backwards on the mattress, feeling his breathing ease as the kolto took affect.


This sickness was getting to be dehibilitating. It was nothing at first...but ever since the Incident, he had been getting progressively worse.


At first, he thought that he had been poisoned, like everyone else at the Gathering Place. But his symptoms were respiratory. He had no way of knowing if the other Pilgrims had experienced difficulty breathing, but their symptoms seemed much more...digestive. And at any rate, he hadn't died yet. So he wrote that off. He was just sick, and the kolto was keeping him going.


But as he sat up to look in the drawer...be found that anything that could have held something did no longer. He was out of kolto.


Dominic closed his eyes and collapsed backwards again, giving a little sob. He had been so close, so hot on the trail...the last thing he wanted to do was to take time out to make a pitstop back on Manaan. But if he didn't, only trouble would follow. So he got up and went to the navicomputer and changed course.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Mica smiled and nodded. "Yeah...I guess you could say that. But most people don't think much of my brother and I." He shrugged. It was really no question as to why they weren't taken seriously by most; in fact, the only reason why the Admiral had any faith in them was because he had seen them in action. "They learn pretty quickly, though."


He stopped in front of a door placed halfway down the hallway, nodding towards it. "Anyway. This is the restroom. Did you want me to wait for you, or...?" That sounded awkward. But how else would she find her way to the dorms?

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"It might be more efficient to go after her with a blaster rifle immediately, but the rule still stands: Innocent until proven guilty. Are we all agreed?"


Atton grumbled something about politicans before agreeing. "I'm also good at sneaking pasts guards and other things. Let me know if you have need of my services."




Juhani had been sititng on the bed meditating when she had felt a massive disturbance in the force. She instantly knew where it had come: Zen's quarters.


I wonder if he is in the mood to spar. He certainly seems angry and I could use a good sparring partner right now.


Juhani made her way toward the men's quarters and noticed Perdante standing outside of the door. She nodded in greeting and began speaking, hoping that Zen was in the mood for a good spar.


"Zen...I can sense how angry you are right now. If you wish we could spar. Right now I need someone to spar with and I have heard of your skills in combat."

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((Enter Public Enemy #1...))




The prophet known only as Khristoff, once a mere ordinary mortal but now bordering on trans-human, wasn't liking the reports he was reading on his ultra-secure haptic console. The metal that he himself had created, back when he was just a humble materials engineer on Coruscant, was now creating its own problems. Those who used it to absorb and negate the effects of the Force, as was proper, were now suffering severe and painful diseases. This was not good.


"Are you sure it isn't a problem with the metal itself?" asked his assistant.


Khristoff grabbed the man's wrist and gave it a hard twist, so that it was very near to fracturing. "I am sure, Pavel. The metal is infallible, invincible. It is only the weak, fleshly body that is not strong enough to handle it that falls prey to these various illnesses. Could you enumerate them for me?"


"Constipation, sepsis, anaphylactic shock, respiriasis and pyriasis--"


"Stop. What were those last two? I've never heard of them before."


"Respiriasis is a disease of the respiratory system, as the name implies. Coughing, production of excess sputum, fatigue, symptoms similar to an ancient human disease called 'pertussis'. Pyriasis is a fever that starts with a slight rise in body temperature, but in the course of twelve hours, one dies from a fever ranging from thirty-nine to over forty-one degrees Celsius. In the past, this was often called 'hyperpyrexia'."


Khristoff frowned. "My, my. Are you sure the victims suffering from these diseases aren't overdosing on ostanovium capsules, and nothing else?"


"I am sure, Prophet," replied Pavel. "The ones in the dead cell on Coruscant, the one run by the late Seeker Adeline, did overdose. However, these new diseases are being experienced by people with light to moderate exposure to ostanovium. Is there nothing at all we can do about this?"


"There's something I can do," replied Khristoff. "If I created the metal, which no one knows I did, then I can create the cure for these illnesses--if, indeed, the ostanovium is causing them. It will be simple to do. I shall have Pilgrim Plina distribute the cure to anyone on Coruscant who is ill, once I am done fashioning it. It will cost credits, of course. This Temple can't run on faith alone." Khristoff smiled. "We also need ships and weapons of war."

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Sal watched the large alien as he exploded, blinking in surprise and bewilderment. Was such an explosion really necessary? "We...could find you a different room..." he said slowly.


And then the Jedi appeared just in he nick of time, saving him from having to deal with this large, unfamiliar alien on his own. He jumped on the idea of a sparring session and said, "There's actually a gym upstairs with a sparring floor. Just retrace your steps and ride the lift up one floor." He looked between those assembled, and then cleared his throat. "At any rate, I've got to return to the Bridge, so...if you'll excuse me!" He scampered away while he had the chance.

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Zen was somewhat startled by Perdante's voice. He turned his head in the direction and waited to see what she had to say to him. He knew her words were truly meaningful and were also attempt to make him feel better. Whichever he took it as it was still enough for him to open the door and look at her. Just then Juhnai arrived as well and offered to spar with him. Once again the Jedi and brought him back to reality from his current state of mind.


"My apologies to both of you. Its just when I was referred to as an it I was deeply offended. In my culture naming is very important to us so to be called an it or someone without a name is a great dishonor. In my rage I forgot that the human is still afraid of me and that is why he referred to me as an it."


He was about to say something to Sal but he darted off in a hurry.


"It would be an honor to spar with you Jedi Knight Juhani," he said to her.

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(Fahrenheit? Don't they generally use the metric system in Star Wars?)


Waiting in her quarters, Niera played back the message from Garren:


"I've checked over the records of the companies Plina's been having dealings with. They did deal in ostanovium, but they stopped after the Republic banned it, at least officially. Naturally, any of the paperwork from the shipments wouldn't mention it, so I'll need something a little more concrete. When the next shipment comes in, I'll try to spy on them, but security is tight, and it'd be hard to do without blowing my cover regardless. Holorecords mention a Khristoff, but so far not in a context that would identify him as the leader of the Found. She covers her tracks well, but not well enough for me. Garren out."


"Be careful." Niera said, softly smiling as the image faded. In some ways, it felt like he was in far more danger than she was.

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Melany smiled. "Thank you." Even though the twin officers were funny, they could be serious at times too, quote Mica. She, however, respected them no matter what. They seemed friendly and cared for the jobs as Republic officers. Kinda reminded her of the Jedi Order a little...


As Melany walked towards the restroom, she looked back at Mica. "I think you and your brother Sal are doing a wonderful job. Just keep up the good work. Besides, you guys are funny and cu-- er, cunning. Plus, won't be long. I'll be right back out." The young woman winked and walked in the restroom.

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((Thanks for the heads-up, Alkonium! I have edited my post accordingly.))




Ten minutes before the Millennial was set to launch, Perdante stepped away from the men's dormitory and finally went to see Captain Starr. She did not mind that Zen was going to be sparring with Juhani. In fact, the Jedi Knight rather welcomed the idea. Everyone could use a refresher on their combat skills, especially sans lightsaber. After all, Khristoff and his followers did not use the Force, and so the Force would not be the most effective weapon to use against them. Smoothing down her wrinkled robes, Perdante entered the cockpit where Captain Starr was waiting. She seemed to be checking the dashboard for anything amiss, low, or malfunctioning. Good plan.


Perdante cleared her throat. "Captain Starr? You wished to see me, ma'am?"

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Caboose decided to back away very, very slowly when Zen began to vent, and chose to stay quiet for the moments afterward, his weapon clutched tightly and ready to run away. He almost sighed a sigh of relief once Zen calmed down and agreed to spar with Juhani, though he chose to keep holding his breath. His moment of salvation came when Perdante stepped away to probably go somewhere important, which was enough reason for Caboose to follow her and hopefully not come across any more scary aliens.


When Perdante and Caboose reached the bridge, the latter not saying much because he was not very good with women and because his friend Church had told him that there are no nice women, the blue armored space marine was in awe. He was not in awe of the discipline of the other crew members, beyond the antics of two of the officers the group had already met, nor was he even at awe of all of the shiny buttons, though he did definitely want to push them randomly later on. No, Caboose was in awe of the captain.


Beyond a homicidal mercenary who punched him in the head when he slept, a girl who was probably so infested with disease that just looking at her made Caboose uneasy, and a tank with a female personality, Caboose hadn't had much real interaction with girls at all over the past few years. Sure, there were the weird women who he'd met just within the past few hours, but they didn't appeal to him. The captain however, with her beautiful beauty was different. In this case, Caboose was willing to quote a person he really didn't like.


“Bow chika bow-” *BANG!* “OW! OW! OW!!!!!!!” Caboose shouted when he literally, and quite accidentally, shot himself in the foot with his sniper rifle. “NOT MY OTHER PINKY TOE!”


- - - - - - - - - - - -


“We are agreed Admiral. We will gather the information necessary to convict her. If we discover that the due process will result in too much collateral damage, then we go with the assassination option.” Meta replied. Meta himself did not dislike politics because of the process, but because of all the baggage, such as this situation, that came with it. Monarchy, oligarchy, republic, they were all the same in that sense. “If you'll excuse me Admiral, I would like to begin the investigation of this matter immediately, starting with the politician's contacts such as family and sponsorship. Atton, if you'll follow me, I think the I have my own officer here for the duration of the investigation. Or was that in the other building Admiral?”

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The three officers closest to the center of the bridge - Fara, in her captain's chair, Mica and Salvatore at their respective consoles a few feet diagonally to her left and right - were caught up in conversation when the two civilians arrived on the bridge. Behind Mic and Sal, the console screens were busy flickering through windows of their own accord, gathering the last of the diagnostics information before prepping for take off. The other bridge personnel were dutifully going through their preperations, and though the officers looked up upon Perdante's initial question, the others didn't begin to pay attention until the sniper went off in Caboose's hand. The crew, at least, maintained relative silence. The twins began to snicker.


"Sorry, buddy," Mica chortled as he turned back to his console.


"You're barking up the wrong tree, there." Sal smirked, doing the same as Mica spoke again.


"True that. While the Captain is on the bridge, you won't have to see any improper man and lady behavior." He sounded as if he were simply quoting a recruit handbook, but for some reason, Sal - and many of the other crewmen - found it uproariously hillarious. Fara merely rolled her eyes and hit a button on the arm of her chair, activating the intercom.


"Lieutenant Chasen," she told the answering voice. "I need you to send a team up here. A tank just shot himself in the foot."


While waiting for the sent-for medical team to arrive, Fara stood up and crossed nearer to the Jedi. "Perdante, right?" She verified. "I hope you don't mind being pulled away, but I thought you might want to be present for lift off. At any rate, I wanted to ask you about your perception of the Found. My briefings have been numerous, but not a single one has been a first hand account - nor were they from a Jedi's point of view. But we can discuss that later." She waved a dismissive hand as she went to sit back in her chair.


"Mica, Salvatore, update?"


"All systems are go, Captain!" They answered in unison again.


"Very well then." She activated the intercom again. "All passengers prepare for take off." She released the button as the viewscreens activated. "Start the count down, Xan."


One of the two pilots answered this time. "Yes, ma'am." The intercom clicked, his voice coming through this time. "Lift off in ten...nine...eight..."

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"It would be an honor to spar with you Jedi Knight Juhani,"


Juhani smiled brightly. It had been quite a while since she had had someone new to spar against.


"Very well, if you will follow me to the gym we can begin." She said as she led the way toward the gym. As she walked she began running possible moves she could use against Zen through her head.




“If you'll excuse me Admiral, I would like to begin the investigation of this matter immediately, starting with the politician's contacts such as family and sponsorship. Atton, if you'll follow me, I think the I have my own officer here for the duration of the investigation. Or was that in the other building Admiral?”


"I'm eager to look into myself." Atton replied as they began walking away. "So...who specificlly are we looking into first?"

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As Perdante quickly strapped herself into the co-pilot's chair in the cockpit and felt the tremendous force of over 3 G's overwhelm her, she squinted her eyes shut very tightly and almost missed the Millennial sailing out of the massive opening in the roof of the Republic Headquarters' main hangar. Luckily, she managed to open her eyes in time to view the brilliant topaz-blue sky of Coruscant rising to meet her, with white, puffy clouds dotting it here and there. Even though the whole planet was a giant city, once one got past all the smog and industrial pollution in one's spacecraft, the skyline of Coruscant was one of the most magnificent sights in the galaxy. Perdy, for one, was glad to see it. Not many took the time these days to look up...


"As for the Found," she said once the Millennial had reached cruising altitude, "I believe that they're a cult as dangerous as the Sith Triumvirate was, if not more so. At least the Triumvirate used the Force--even Darth Traya, who wanted to destroy it. The Found want to destroy all of the users of the Force, whether Jedi or Sith. The thing is, every sentient being in the galaxy 'uses the Force' in some way, even if it's just to stay alive or connect with their spirituality. They may not realize it, but what they're truly preaching through their philosophy is genocide. So say I."




"Well, her husband, Xian Li, could be our first lead," Admiral Onasi replied. "He's incredibly loyal to the Republic, having served in its Junior Officers' Corp when he was a youth to earn money for his post-secondary education. Xian Li did remarkably well, and the Republic sought to recruit him for a position. However, Xian Li's dream was to be a politician, not a soldier. Thus, we had to let him go, and then he married Plina and let HER take the spotlight." Carth shook his head. "I can't believe he did that. Xian Li has a will made out of beskar. Why is he letting his wife run the show?"

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((I know it's long. I'm really not sorry :p ))


Arai Elan was losing control. She could feel it slipping away, and only a fraction of her begged her to get a grip and be sensible about this. Do the right thing, it urged, while the dark strand within her challenged, You see that minor shatterpoint, the one that will shift him to fear you more than his employer. Strike it!


There are shatterpoints in him that do not require his fear. Find one of them.


That will take too long! You have the quickest, easiest method. Use it!


"No," Arai murmured softly. "I will not."


It was becoming a greater struggle to walk the fine line between understanding the limits of her ability to restrain her darker tendencies and being consumed by them. If at all possible, she had to avoid feeding them. She took three deep, calming breaths and closed her eyes. There! It was faint, but if prodded just right, it would lead in the right direction. She put her right hand to her right ear, then drew it away, leaving a slender-but-visible earpiece in.


"Lasstra Dade," she said, feigning a com call. A beat, a cringe, and an overexaggerated smile. "Oh, Mr. Warr. How can I help you on my day off, sir?"


The man seated next to her spared her the briefest of glances, in which she pantomimed blowing her brains out and collapsing in the plate of food on the bar before her. It earned the faintest of smirks before he turned back to his drink. Arai followed that gesture with a spark of anger.


"No, no," she said sharply. "I di-" She stopped abruptly, deciding this was when Mr. Warr cut her off. A moment later, she cut him off, speaking deliberately so he could hear her over his own words. "I. Did. That. Three weeks ago..." She made a face. "What do you mean, again?" Another pause and she could tell in the Force that the man beside her was gaining interest in her little one-sided chat with the nonexistent Mr. Warr.


"Ye-es," she said slowly. "But not more than bi-monthly. Honestly, M-" The arrogant prick of a co-worker who fancied himself her boss cut her off again. Just then, the man beside her shot another glance her way and she put on the most ferocious scowl she could muster.


"Now look here, Garron Warr," she snapped. "Just because you were named lead partner on the BayRun project does not give you the right to speak to me like that..." He went on at length after that, and Arai thought he was probably arrogantly suggesting that she check her attitude and provide him with some results.


To which she answered, "I've given you nothing but results. It's when you expect me to work around the clock that we have issues..." She made another face. "No, this does not mean I'm quitting. I'll be back in the office tomorrow, but for now..."


She plucked the earpiece out of her ear and tapped her neighbor on the shoulder. "Beg pardon," she said, "but I think my pompous "project lead" needs some alcohol. May I serve him some of yours?"


He chuckled and slid the glass over, watching as Arai dropped the earpiece into the glass.


"I wasn't using it much anyway," he said. "Can't really afford to get properly drunk tonight..."


"No, nor me," Arai said. "Warr's gonna be on my case bright and early tomorrow morning about this..." Then, as if just realizing how loud she'd been, she blushed. "I suppose you heard my name, then."


"Lasstra," he said, nodding. "Lasstra Dade."


Her blush deepened. "Sorry, I guess I effectively ruined your "me time", didn't I?"


"It's no trouble," he said good-naturedly. "You've actually brightened my night considerably. Wish I had the guts to stand up to my... co-workers like that."


"Sometimes I wish I didn't," Arai murmured. "He's a scheming little di'kut, Garron Warr. To be sure, I'll have a lot of explaining to do for my boss in the morning, especially about the partial deafness Warr would have received from that drink we gave him."


"Well does your boss like you?" the man asked. Arai sensed that there was a lot riding on this answer. She wrinkled her nose.


"Not slightly," she answered, "and I despise him too. But he knows he needs me and I know I need the job. It's a win-lose situation on both sides of the table."


"Sounds familiar," the man grunted.


Arai smiled faintly. "You too, eh?" He nodded and Arai waited a beat. "And what was your name?"


He hesitated for a very long time. "Best I didn't tell you," he finally said. "My boss isn't someone who takes loose tongues lightly."


Arai laughed. "What's in a name?" Shaking her head, she said, "Well what do I call you, then? Hey you?"


He chuckled. "Call me Talon."


Her mind working overdrive, Arai asked cautiously, "That what you do?"


He stared at her in astonishment. "Most people don't pick up on that quite so quick."


Arai grinned and winked. "Like I said, my boss knows he needs me."


"My boss would kill to have you," Talon muttered.


Chuckling softly, Arai tapped her nose. "Let's not tell him then, shall we?"


Briefly, Talon tensed. Arai sensed that he suspected her of spying on him for his boss and worried that she had overdone her act. Then he chuckled.


"I won't if you won't," he said, and she wondered just how much alcohol he'd already had.


"So you swoop in for the capture or the kill, depending on what your boss wants, yeah?" Arai asked curiously. "Gotta be a challenge more often than not."


Talon grunted noncommittally. Then, he shook his head. He was a lonely man and "Lasstra Dade" seemed innocent enough, but Talon had long since learned not to trust an innocent face. He had one himself and he had been called a cold-blooded killer on several occasions. He hadn't become as good as he was at his job without being able to read people. Lasstra was asking subtle, directing questions, designed to put someone at ease. With someone untrained to watch for such subtle manipulation, the game would have worked. But Talon was unimpressed.


"What do you want, Lasstra?" he asked bluntly.


Internally, Arai wanted to cheer. This was exactly where she wanted him to go. She dropped the light-hearted attitude and turned fully to face the bar.


"Ostanovium," she said bluntly. "Your boss is a supplier. I want to know where it comes from and its precise effects in all its forms."


He shrugged. "No can do, missy."


"But you can," Arai said calmly.


He hesitated, wondering how she knew with such certainty that he could tell her what she wanted to know. "What's in it for me?"


"I have nothing to give you," Arai answered simply. "Whatever benefit you may choose to find in telling me what you know is between you and your mind."


Talon laughed out loud at that. "Alright, missy. You've impressed me. Get yourself to Manaan and I'll see to it that you get the information you want. Mind if I ask what's so important about it?"


"I'm all but certain an old friend of mine has been exposed to the metal," Arai answered softly. "I want to know if there's anything I can do."


Talon grimaced and shook his head. "Say goodbye to your friend," he said. "It's only a matter of time."


Arai fell silent, considering this, and Talon rose and was gone. She knew she could not accept his advice, not until she'd had a decent chance to look over the data herself. Rising, she also left the restaurant and headed for her ship. But she'd scarcely gone ten paces before the Force alerted her of danger. She twisted, clamping an iron grip on the wrist of the hand that sought to shove her off the narrow walkway and down to the streets far below.


"Couldn't just let me go, could you Talon?" she asked, twisting his wrist just a little more, until it snapped. He cried out in pain and jerked back against the wall of the building behind him.


"Bad for business," he whimpered. Arai glared at him and finally ran out of patience.


"You thought I was a fool," she growled softly, "and that makes you a fool. Perhaps Koven would make for a stronger leader of your little trading ring."


Talon's mouth opened and shut rapidly in both fear and astonishment. "How did-"


"And now you have a broken wrist," Arai went on coolly. "Koven will notice. He'll take you out. Best just do the job yourself."


Eyes wild, Talon looked past her and she laughed harshly.


"You would, wouldn't you?" she said. "But I can make this all better, Talon. Koven won't have to know. Give me every shred of information you have on ostanovium and your wrist will be as good as new."


He awkwardly fished a small chip out of a pants pocket and passed it to her. Her eyes glinting faintly yellowish, she clasped his wrist, applying a healing touch with darker motives in mind.


"But you know," she said as she released him. "Now Koven will wonder what you've done with the intel he got you."


It was an uneven match. He drew a hold-out blaster; she drew a lightsaber. In seconds, two halves of Talon fell from the walkway and Arai headed off to find passage to Manaan.

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Zen took out his energy sword while he followed Juhani. His sword was able to block a lightsaber's hit and was just as deadly as it. Since the Found wanted the Jedi alive he had the modify his blade so he couldn't accidentally cut the Jedi when he fought them. He was able to modify it by pressing a button on the handle which would disrupt the plasma causing it to stun rather than to kill. It would still be able to block a lightsaber even if it did look a little unstable but it was guaranteed he wouldn't be able to kill any Jedi as long as the button was pressed.


Zen walked into the gym and pulled out his sword one more time. He pressed the button with his left hand and then gripped the sword with his right. He slid his left hand on the across the sword as the blade as activated in a very calm manner. This was a stance he liked to take when he did spar with someone. He went into a defensive position and looked over at Juhani.


"You will have to forgive me if I am a bit rusty, however you will soon learn why the Sangheili are a proud warrior race. Your move Jedi Knight Juhani." Zen readied himself for whatever she had planned.

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"You will have to forgive me if I am a bit rusty, however you will soon learn why the Sangheili are a proud warrior race. Your move Jedi Knight Juhani."


Juhani brought her saber up and saluted him right before she jumped directly up into the air and then coming down at an angle, her lightsaber was in constant motion as she attempted to take her opponet by suprise.





"I can't believe he did that. Xian Li has a will made out of beskar. Why is he letting his wife run the show?"


"He might not have a choice. For all we know she could be blackmailing him. It's possible that he has some sort of deep dark secret and she found out."

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Zen watched as Juhani leaped into the air and admired her acrobatic abilities. To stand and attempt to block would be a foolish move so Zen simply leaped back to avoid the attack. He took a step forward went for a backhanded slash coming from Juhani's right side.

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"Interesting," Carth mused, rubbing his chin with his hand. "In fact, it's a little too interesting for my taste. Mr. Rand, I wonder if you would be willing to accompany me to Xian Li's personal offices in the Iridium Complex for a visit. We're not going to question him officially--unless he proves uncooperative in telling us about ostanovium, among other matters. However, I don't think he will. Unlike Plina, Mr. Skelch seems to me to be a reasonable man."


The Admiral suddenly had another thought. "When it comes to matters of the heart, however, and family loyalty, all bets could be off," he said slowly.




Jedi Knight Perdante Dareva suddenly felt a flush of heat envelop her, even aboard the Millennial, a massive vessel with highly-effective pressure and temperature controls. Usually, this meant that her monthly cycle was about to reassert itself. After all, she was a woman first and a Jedi second.


However, completely unbeknownst to her, what was actually happening was the onset of pyriasis. This form was particularly lethal. If it were untreated, then within seventy-two hours' time, she would certainly die of hyperpyrexia--a fever above forty-one degrees Celsius. Thus, if she was to continue to lead and serve the crew of the Millennial on their kamikaze run, she had three days to try and find Khristoff. Hopefully, they'd head for the Outer Rim soon. That was, fortunately, where Carth said to look for their target first. On which planet was the scumbag hiding? They'd find out!


Perdy felt some bangs and bumps disrupt the ship's calm. Zen and Juhani sparring...


((NOTE: Perdante's pyriasis is a secret to all the other crew members.))

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Juhani saw the slash coming towards her and force jumped backward out of the way before it could hit.


"Your good." She said with a smile as sweat began to form above her eyes. "But lets see you dodge this!"


She ran at Zen and began swinging her lightsaber in a devestating series of strikes and jabs. I'd like to see him dodge this.





"Mr. Rand, I wonder if you would be willing to accompany me to Xian Li's personal offices in the Iridium Complex for a visit. We're not going to question him officially--unless he proves uncooperative in telling us about ostanovium, among other matters. However, I don't think he will. Unlike Plina, Mr. Skelch seems to me to be a reasonable man."


"First of all...You can call me Atton. I don't like it when people address me by the last name. And second of all, I'd be glad to to visit Li's office.

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Zen readied himself for another attack as Juhani dodged his attack as well.


"But lets see you dodge this!"


Zen barely had time to react as Juhani attacked him with a series of moves. He hadn't expected a series of attacks to come his way and so he had to back up in the beginning of the assault. Thanks to his handle being both light weight and it being a single handed weapon, Zen was able to keep up with the Jedi. He parried the strikes and was able to dodge the jabs but he couldn't keep up this defense for long. He waited for the next jab to come his way and rather than just dodge it he brought his energy sword down on the blade with some strength behind it. He then brought his blade up for a sword uppercut.

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