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Tangents of Glory


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Arise, Members of the Holy Forum! We have been bless'd with a great topic of discussion.


Now, your attention is mine, and thus I request a humble and most proper discussion of said link. We shall now seek to dissect said images, one by one, that our understanding of said pixels might be increased and brought to use in other aspects of life.


Image #1:




Here, we have the world according to FRANCE, that thing that couldn't even beat Germany in World War I, and lost within months to the same nation in World War II! Maginot Line, my 屁股!


But I digress. This map clearly demonstrates the Frenchies over-obsession with their failure to conquer Russia, their age-old hatred of the Brits, and, for some inane reason, a great friendship with Germany.



Image #2:




GERMANY. First off, may I humbly ask, why would they view Russia as anything but their mortal enemy? Two world wars later, and millions of Germans and Ruskies fallen, and all they see is a "gas vault?" Madness!


Second, we see the Brits as "Enigma crackers." With all possible seriousness Germany, do you not recall two failed wars against Britain? Sure, three generations now span the time since the latest war, but one cannot merely discard the utter humiliation of Germany by the hands of the citizens of that United Kingdom.


Image #3:




The UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN AND NORTHERN IRELAND. Ah, yes. The Brits (what, you didn't really think you could escape unscathed, now did you?).


Firstly, why is the Soviet Union Commie Land Russia not noted as the world's Communist Base of Great Justice and Social Equality for All? Get your priorities in order, Britannia.


As far as the rest of Europe goes, no qualms are to be mentioned. Jolly good job.


* * *



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Maginot Line, my 屁股!


(This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)


their age-old hatred of the Brits,


They're still sore over Joan of Arc, and at having their backsides handed to them on at least three continents. Even saving assisting them during two world wars, and destroying their fleet at anchor couldn't make them like us.


But it's all good, we're all friends now. :D


EDIT: I'm surprised, though, that given the lean towards football hooliganism, and the reluctance to let things go, the caption for the Germany on the UK map didn't read 'Two World Wars and One World Cup' :p

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I guess the french are really mad at the USA because we stole invented their fries. That and they are still sore over the Fact that Andre Roussemoff (A.K.A. Andre the Giant) went to popularize Pro Wrestling and wound up here after a few tours in Japan.


For more fun ITALY AND BULGARIA!!!:

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