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Star Wars: Inception


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((THREADMASTER'S NOTE: I WILL START this RP and not let this CC die.))

((THREADMASTER'S SECOND NOTE: Yes, I stole this idea from the film!))




Victory! The Galactic Republic has finally re-stabilized after the devastating attacks of DARTH MALAK and the SITH TRIUMVIRATE. All is also well for the rebuilt Jedi Order, having survived long enough to train new Knights. The Sith have withdrawn to remote Outer Rim worlds, leaving everyone in supposed peace. In truth, they are strengthening their numbers...


The cunning and insidious DARTH TRAUM, posing as a Galactic Senator, has perfected the ability to haunt the psyches of those near him. Consequently, he has trained elite specialists called Extractors in the art of psychological domination--especially of the subconscious, dreaming state.


Young Jedi Knight PERDRE YAKHTA, torn between desire and duty, is the first to fall victim to the Sith Lord's near-irreversible "inception". Will the Dark Side conquer all instead of love, honor, freedom, and an unclouded mind?


NAME: Perdre Yakhta

AGE: 23

RACE: Human

RANK: Jedi Knight



NAME: Zhonn Teros, also known as Darth Traum

AGE: 65

RACE: Human

RANK: Dark Lord of the Sith

APPEARANCE: Like Feodor Chaliapin in "The Name of the Rose"

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I'm actually planning to have one of Darth Traum's minions get captured and teach the Jedi how to Extract. :) However, they will not be able to Extract from the very beginning. Darth Traum and his Extractor team are the only ones who know how to do that at the start.

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Interesting... Since I like Inception and want to see how it can be applied in SW, I'm in. Although, I'm not a very experienced RP-er so if you feel there's anything I'm not doing right/could be doing better, please enlighten me. :)


NAME: David Bale

AGE: 22

RACE: Human

RANK: Jedi Knight

APPEARANCE: The Revan head with spiked hair in KotOR.

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OK, after HAVING ACTUALLY SEEN THE MOVIE, TWICE, I'm going to take this thread in a little bit of a different direction--that will absolutely blow you guys' minds (I hope):


Here's what's going to stay the same:


Given #1: The villain is still going to be Darth Traum, Dark Lord of the Sith.

Given #2: Darth Traum still knows how to infiltrate people's dreams.


However, HERE'S what's going to be different: So does Perdre Yakhta, who has been experimenting with shared dreaming. Traum is an expert at it, while Perdre, a mere novice, has sheer guts and the Light Side of the Force with her. That is why she needs an expert "Dream Team" of Extractors to DO AN INCEPTION ON DARTH TRAUM and get him to quit trying to conquer the entire galaxy!


So, Darth Traum is the "dreamer", as he should be (look up "traum" in German) and Perdre et al. are the Extractors trying to "plant the idea" that he should turn back to the Light. However, Traum has "projections" of his own that will try to kill the "Dream Team" so that they will be lost in limbo! If this still sounds cool and you want to be in it, type "ZZZZ!"


So, "ZZZZ", and I'm still Perdre (the Extractor) and Traum (the Subject/Dreamer.)


(P.S. You can sign up to be an Extractor or a Projection protecting Traum's Sith mind.)

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Nice! I'm totally in. ZZZZ

Oh btw, my character is with yours on the Jedi Extraction team. I'll be the Architect.


You're also gonna need a Forger (in-dream shapeshifter) and a Point Man (person who researches the target). You don't need a Chemist since its Star Wars and we can use the Force to substitute chemical-induced sleep.

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So, here's who we have so far:


DREAMER/SUBJECT: Darth Traum (Tysyacha)

LEAD EXTRACTOR: Jedi Knight Perdre Yakhta (Tysyacha)

ARCHITECT: David Bale (RC-1162)

FORGER: Writer (character sheet needed)


So, here's who we still need if this RP is really going to get off the ground:


LIEUTENANT EXTRACTOR, to serve as Perdre's second-in-command

POINT MAN/WOMAN, to research Darth Traum/Galactic Senator Teros

SITH PROJECTIONS to fight off the "Dream Team" led by Perdre


LoD, do you want to RP as one of Darth Traum's Sith projections?

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Is there a particular time frame within which you'd like to start? If yes, and we don't get enough people by then, I'd be happy to take up one more role.

Btw, when we do get this underway, how do we discuss aspects of the story before actually RP-ing them, without spoiling it for readers?


EDIT: Oh btw, you guys should check out this comic after watching the movie:


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Hey Tysy, I was thinking. In order to cut down on the required number of players (since we seem to be about as many as are going to sign up) we could sort of "merge" a couple of the roles. These are Jedi, after all. I think they could handle more than one thing :p


In light of that and pending your approval, can we merge the forger with the point-man? Strikes me that the one who could do the best job of mimicking people Traum knows would be the one who researched him (or perhaps has even gone undercover to get to know him more personally?).


That'll take care of the "dream team" if you decide you like the idea. Then we could each take one of Traum's Sith projections as a second, more minor character, and we'd be good to go.


Let me know what you think and I'll put up a char sheet once I hear from you :)

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NAME: Lady Elissa Dankarra

AGE: 29

RACE: Human

RANK: Apparently exiled. Secretly on the "Dream Team".

APPEARANCE: Image: Lady Elissa Dankarra


And just 'cuz I think it'll be helpful for me, I've also prepared this additional information. Tysy, this could also help interaction between Elissa and Traum, so take a peek. If you see anything you're not sure you like, let me know. I'm willing to change some things :)


Biography: Born to the honorable Lord Laaden Dankarra of Alderaan and his wife Dania, Elissa’s early years were spent in immense luxury. But at the age of five, that all changed. She was spotted by a passing Jedi who noted how she seemed to sense what was wanted of her, even so young. He tested the girl and found that his suspicion was confirmed; she was very strong in the Force. Though initially hesitant at the thought of giving their only daughter up, the Lord and Lady ultimately agreed that it was in the child’s best interest to develop her full potential. But considering their busy schedules, it took them two years to come to that conclusion. At seven years of age, Elissa was studied intensely by a small group of Jedi and though most of them were reluctant to take her, one man, Tatrik Vale announced that he would train her.


Vale saw in Elissa the makings of a very promising Jedi Shadow. She had a pure heart and an intense desire to help people, but there was also that thread of darkness a Shadow sometimes needed in order to make difficult decisions. With Elissa’s training, Vale included something that most Jedi were not comfortable with; he took her on regular trips to see her family. He reasoned that if she knew she had something to lose, she would be that much more devoted to her cause. And he was right. When she turned twenty, she was Knighted. Two years earlier, Vale began addressing her as “Lady Elissa”, reminding her of her heritage and at twenty, she embraced it, introducing herself as “Lady Elissa Dankarra, Jedi Knight,” since no one understood what she meant when she said, “Jedi Shadow.”


As the official story goes, by the time she turned twenty-five, the Jedi High Council decided they’d had enough of the “Lady Knight.” Citing conduct unbecoming a Jedi Knight, they exiled her, ordering her to surrender her lightsaber. Upset, she hurled it at their feet and stalked out. Further upsetting her, they also exiled her former master. The issue that ultimately tipped the scale was his death, which occurred simply because he did not have his lightsaber any longer. Utterly broken, Elissa went home and didn’t leave the house for a year and a half.


The reality was far different. Neither Elissa nor her master were exiled and her master was not killed. They spent that year together in her family's home in intense meditation and training. Almost a year in,, Elissa was introduced to the Dream Team, at which time she was made their point-man and forger. Constructing for herself a new lightsaber of a unique design, she slipped out of her family’s home unnoticed and vanished. She bleached her brownish-blond hair almost white and started calling herself Elissa Dade, making use of some of the skills she’d learned in the Jedi Order to pass as a pilot and taking short-term jobs to go from place to place. She even dresses the part: baggy brown slacks, heavy black boots, plain gray t-shirt, black knee-length Krayt leather jacket. She keeps her lightsaber well hidden, but within easy reach should she need it.


During the last six months, Elissa has more or less settled with Darth Traum, after managing to convince him that the "official story" circulated by the Jedi Order concerning her is true. While initially suspicious of her story, he now fully believes that she's extremely bitter against the Jedi and is using that bitterness to turn her to the Dark Side.


In reality, she is in constant contact with the Dream Team and is able to conceal this from Traum in part because he trusts her and in part because she learned a trick in Force communication from her master, which allows her essentially to "broadcast on a narrow band", focusing her communication on a single point instead of broadcasting it for all to hear, and also making it easier to mask.


Though Traum is now aware of her real name and identity as Elissa Dankarra, they both still refer to her as Elissa Dade and few of the other Sith know her as anything else.


The lightsaber: Though more or less cylindrical, as are all sabers, Elissa’s lightsaber flattens noticeably on either end. Two thick strips of metal are folded against the sides, and there’s an extra button just above the blade activation. When this button is pressed, the two strips of metal spring outward with a faint clang, forming a crossguard. A blade telescopes out from the hilt, essentially turning the lightsaber into a broadsword. Completing the effect, an emerald green lightsaber blade surrounds the metal blade. The end result is that Elissa has a broadsword with all its weight and intimidation factor that can cut through anything.


The broadsword mode can be switched on and off. When off, it’s just like any other lightsaber, the blade is shorter, and burnt orange.

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