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Happy Birthday GTA:SWcity!

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Happy birthday, GTA! Now, remember, the wood chipper works nicely in a pinch, but if you're really going to do a proper job disposing of it, follow these simple steps:


1) Drain it

2) Burn it

3) Bury it

4) Run like hell


Hope you have a great day! :p

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:drop2: HOT DAMN! It's your birthday this month? Well...I had know idea you devil.


:raise: Hmmmm let's see...whadya get a being such as yourself, who hoofs around in his red birthday suit anyway?!?!?



OH! I KNOW! How about...one of theeeese.........

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picture.php?albumid=434&pictureid=7111WATCH OUT! This one has been known to spit fire..............in the wrong place and at the wrong time. :dev8: Fair warning.




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Thanks peoplez!


@Rhett: We're only as old as we feel and that can be in relation to whatever we want! :D

@mimartin: Thanks so much. Someone has to put up with my being a jackass.

@Ping: Gracias amigo.

@Totenkopf: Thanks "young" man. :dozey: See you in the forum games section bro. We have more mischief to make!

@Sabre: Much love to ya brah.

@EvQ: Here's to another year of being nutcases guilty of protecting liberty.

@Pavy:Aw didn't know you cared!


@adamqd: Thanks yo. Ey, maybe I ought to start a lightsaber craftsman (and crafts women :naughty:) LF club? Ultrasabers obviously has their own forum as does TheCustomSaberShop, There are other LightSaber getups around no doubt, Instructables is getting more populated with SW related projects, the "Vader's 501st legion" probably has forums on it too, and I'm sure cosplayers and others similar each have a corner...why not LucasForums have something? Just a thought in passing... At the least, I'd like to make another 'lightsaber' of my own and perhaps post up a sort of how-to guide. Just bouncing ideas.


@ Astor: Thanks. You didn't happen to know of anyone throwing hasty generalizations indirectly calling your gentlemanly demeanor prissy now, did you? :dev8:

@igyman: You grab the bazooka and guns, I'll get the crew and and car. We'll make minced meat out of Liberty City's mafia remnants.

@ Lit: Spoken like a true pro. :dev11:

@ Mil: Ah, professional quality. Thank you so much. Well, I like a whole variety of different things. Some say I'm too Americanized, others say I'm just plain bizzarre. I'd be open to a chat.

@ Ztalker: Thanks...btw you might check out that malformed embed.--Don't worry, it's the thought that counts. ;)

@ Shem: Thanks man. Congrats on you accomplishments thus far. :cheers:

@ Jae: that reminds me...I need to get my professional driver's license!

@ purifier: Ah yes, what a small world this is. There's a chance you 'n me might be distantly related through our Native 'Merican roots. BTW She looks like a feisty one and yet I can't help but think of that you're making a carack from GMOD idiot box 9's "Coach buried alive" scene. :devburn:


Thanks everyone!

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