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More Preorder Bonuses

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* Exclusive Challenge: The Mystical Swamps of Dagobah - Explore the mystical swamps of Dagobah in this exclusive challenge. The setting for this challenge is an abstract version of the Dagobah level in the game. Yoda is testing your skills with this dreamlike space. Use Force Grip to lift objects out of the swampy depths of the surface of Dagobah and use them to navigate to your goal. The faster you can do this the more your rewards will be. Beware! Danger lurks just below the smoky surface of the water. The stone pillars you Force Grip and lift out of the murky waters aren’t stable and can collapse at any time, the water is toxic too – wait too long on a platform and suffer the consequences.


* Exclusive Challenge: Defend "The Core" - Defend "The Core" by using all your Force Powers and expertise with the lightsaber for as long as you can. Survive for more than 1 minute to complete the challenge. Mastering this challenge could take much longer. Score bonuses are awarded for surviving for longer and killing enemies with impunity.




Now I don't know where to preorder it from! XD

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Aye it did; fair enough it was generally only a costume unlock code that was instantly posted across the internet the moment the game shipped, but there we go. :xp:


So far neither of these has really impressed. At least me. Dagobah, maybe, although I'm not really sure what sort of thing would strike me as 'great preorder bonuses.' Well, I do, but Roan Fel and Imperial Knight skins seem very unlikely. :lol:

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Why can't we pre-order--then choose a bonus content?


Challenge levels are fun--try dashing 100 meters in just 15 seconds without using the Force, Starkiller. Hard, eh?


More skins are always fun, especially when the modding community jumps in--but it's sometimes more fun (or plain annoying!) having to solve a puzzle or kill a godlike enemy to get the reward.


It's just that these gaming companies are competing. Why not just get the option to pick your bonuses if you preorder?


Come to think of it, wouldn't Lucasarts release a patch or two that includes extra skins and a few challenge levels? They sort of did that when they released USE.

They did listen to all the feedback, supposedly, so set up a loud call for this sort of patch and they might make it.

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