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Sith Assassin Mask

Darth Dan 012

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Hey people, newbie here.


I have an idea for a mod that I could never even begin to do. How about a Sith Assassin Mask? Sort of like what SithRevan did with this mod. I think it would be cool to have a mask like that, and if you really feel like making me happy you could make one of the alternate "Nihilus" Sith Assassin (same head as the Dxun Sith Master).


Reply if you think you could do it!






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That's true, I guess the only one it would work for are the "bald guy" heads.


Another option is a retex of the Stabilizer Mask, which kind of looks like a Sith Assassin mask. I'm sure this would be much easier. I actually tried it myself but gave up because it was just too confusing.

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Which mask in particular did you have in mind?

This one? http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g154/codeuser/sithassassinpiccer.jpg


Edit: Whipped this up real quick; I just don't think that model in particular looks right...


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But if you like it I can make it an item and send it to you soon.

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