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Playable Species Revealed for Jedi and Sith Classes, New Timeline


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I thought that the Sith species are supposed to look more like this:
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And less like this:

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You know, not as... smooth. :indif:


I think the first pic actually shows two subspecies, the Kissai (clerics) and Massassi (warrior underclass). Because of that, they look a little different from the main Sith species.


Ludo Kressh is the most well known example of a pure blood. He has 3 clawed fingers (plus a thumb), flatter nose, and longer eyebrow ridges than Sith/Human hybrids. Naga Sadow is the most well known hybrid, with his more human nose, and 4 fingers (plus thumb).


The bottom screenie (TOR playable character) looks more like a hybrid to me.


Well, the picture you show comes, if I remember well, from the Tales of the Jedi comics, which had a very different art style than every other Star Wars comic out there. Just look at those ships, who look to me more in line with the Yuuzhan Vong ships than the ships from the KotOR era. Also, there's the whole customization process in which you can change how your Pureblood should look.


I thought that there was a rumor that the Yuuzhan Vong were supposed to be true Sith species, but it got changed part way through. That's why they look so similar, but have white skin instead of red. It certainly would lead me to think that the ship design similarities are no coincidence.

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