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Overrated Garbage


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Overrated Garbage thread, otherwise known as "Become a lightning rod of hate in a single post".


Is there a book or movie that just makes you want to claw your eyes out? Some fad that makes you feel like an elderly shaking your head at those young people? Some actor or person in general that you think is completely undeserving of their fame and fortune? Some sport of activity that you think needs to be burned to the ground?


Something that came, went, but stayed in the public's mind and is constantly brought up in conversation, seen on posters, seen in avatars, signatures, blogs, galleries etc. Something, media, person, or otherwise that makes you weep for the future of society?


General media pet peeves that you need to get off your chest, and thus become a lightning rod of hate for everyone else?




I'll start off:


Neon-Genesis Evangelion



There has never been a media fad that I've hated more than Evangelion. I think its just one of the most overrated pieces of garbage out there and needs to be destroyed for the future sake of angsty teenagers everywhere. It is just all over the place. I see it in avatars, all over forums, and whenever anime is mentioned there is no doubt that the conversation will eventually lead to Eva. Its like the Degrees of Kevin Bacon, but terrible.


Being apart of a media club in High School, I was surrounded by people who just thought Eva was the best thing since sliced bread, the close second being Final Fantasy 7. All the talk about it. All the watching of every crappy episode. The deconstruction of the symbolism and religious overtones. And then the defending of the series whenever anyone talked bad about it. This is one of those things where I don't even need to explain the plot; Its Eva. Like Cowboy Bebop, its just one of those things everyone has at least heard about from someone to some degree, and for that I just hate the damn thing. The characters are incredibly unlikable and/or just unrelatable, and it has one of the winiest, pissant protagonists of anything ever. It was made in 1995 and wont go away.


But don't take my word for it; Hideaki Anno, the creator of the anime, dislikes its entire fanbase, describing them as having "forced autism", and making the final 2 episodes and the movie in order to give a big middle finger to every fan out there... which turned out to be one of the most well known and well respected anime movies ever made, which I'm sure just makes him want to throw himself off a bridge.


That is my overrated garbage; whats yours?


(This is a heavy opinion thread, so try not to take anything too personal)

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Ave, just for this thread I <3 you.



So, first things first, I'm going to call "this is overrated ****e" on Doctor Who. Which may seem a bit odd given that I've a spent a large chunk of the last six months on Who-related books in the books thread.



Smug gittery personified. Yeah, I know you fap over him every night; I don't care.


Specifically, I hate everything about modern Doctor Who; the programme as produced from 2005 onward. To give some background, this programme was originally broadcast between 1963 and 1989. It's height of popularity was the 1970s. It was small-scale, tightly budgeted, claustrophobic; it was about ideas and plot.


It was a TV programme of muted shades, sudden electronic musical stings, and mild despair about everything. Evil had to be fought, but it was a desperate, last-minute struggle against the seemingly-inevitable.


(This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)

Classic "Who"


By contrast, it's modern reincarnation is loud, ugly, smug, self-important, bloated, poorly-written, appallingly paced, has terrible, terrible music, and acting that is, if anything, slightly worse. Here's a quick comparison:


The Doctor: Oh, marvellous. You're going to kill me. What a finely tuned response to the situation.

- Frontios, 1984


The Doctor: Excuse me, do you mind not farting while I'm saving the world?

Aliens of London, 2005


Every woman in the modern programme is either a slag or breathlessly in love with the Doctor; every male character is jealous of him or also a worshipper at the altar of this idiot savant god. Where the old Doctor was an eccentric traveller, half Sherlock Holmes, half Gandalf, the new is a nasty combination of Christ and a tacky game-show host.


It's a nasty, cynical, self-obsessed, smug, lazy programme, and the complete subversion of what it originally was.




Second up, an even drearier overrated piece of tripe: Torchwood.


Created by Russell T. Davies as a "gritty, mature, dark" version of his Widow Twankee-inspired Doctor Who, this programme seems to have been put together for a joke, to see just how far he could push the BBC execs before they called bull****.


Like the X-Files, except set in Cardiff (yes, that's right - Cardiff), written by a hack, and filled with entirely pointless, arbitrary sex. Touchwood is close to the nadir of television, being simultaneously incoherent, pompous, absurd and terribly acted.


The last part at least should come as no surprise, since Tosswad stars West End disaster John Barrowman, to whose talent there is, seemingly, no beginning. If you haven't seen this abortion of a TV programme, this parody tells you everything you need to know:


(This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)


And yet, this programme actually has fans. I'd really rather not argue for forced sterilisation. I really would. But that this dreary tripe is still on TV makes it a tough one to argue.

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the close second being Final Fantasy 7
This. I don't think I need to go into a whole lot of detail as to why Final Fantasy 7 is the most overrated piece of garbage ever created.


Although to get back to what you were talking about, even being a non-anime watcher, I do remember the Eva fad. My two best friends in high school actually dragged me to their house to watch an episode. I don't recall being impressed, honestly.

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yaylolz... epic rant thread :thmbup1: Like Avery, I hope people can ensure they don't get upset.. all in good fun and in the interests of stress release ;)


I myself definitely would not list NGE or FF7 as total garbage, overhyped sure, but they have an enduring mass appeal for a reason. The soundtracks of both productions alone are great, and then there's him of course ;)




* * *


My submissions:


1. Organised Religion:

Everyone is entitled to internally believe what they want, without being villified for it, but when it becomes an organised entity, accumulates property, palaces, temples and treasures and has wars waged on its behalf... it surely is going to lead to division and conflict... bleh :violin:



2. Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer

Self Explanatory - Give me Anne Rice any day. You can add Harry Potter to this while you're at it.



3. Che Guevara.

The way his image is so omni-present in popular culture, when you look him up you expect to find something that reads like the biography of Julius Caesar... instead all you get is a deluded doctor who rides his motorbike around and made some poor decisions at crucial moments. I think it's more his rugged appearance and revolutionary spirit that has made him an enduring figure, as opposed to anything he actually achieved.



4. The Institution of Marriage:

BOO! I've been with my partner for 10 years, and neither of us have plans on ruining it by getting married. I myself love the word DeFacto, it sounds like Defecto, a disorganised Hispanic Supervillian :D



5. The Mona Lisa

I love Renaissance Art a tad more than the average Joe, and I know this is a significant portrait by Leonardo, but the way people have gone ON and ON about it sickening. Give me Botticelli any day.



* * *


I'm sure someone is going to list SW eventually. If anyone is even contemplating mentioning Empire Strikes Back - this baby is poised to give you Evil Eye :p


(This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)



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I had considered writing a polemic on Mass Effect and Fallout 3, but I concluded that it's a waste of time; they speak for themselves. o_Q


The Half-Life series is critically acclaimed by many, but I don't really understand most of the hoopla. Yes, the "in-game narrative" gimmick is unique and "immersive", but that's hardly a watershed achievement; that concept was explored more than five years preceding HL1, if not more.


My views on HL2 are more acerbic, as the railroaded levels became more apparent when the game was placed in large, sweeping environments. The initial prologue in City 17 was probably the most exciting part of the game, as I thought, "Wow, I get to explore this huge city and drum up a resistance movement against the fascist government!", and was only told to play fetch the entire time. The game got better when you got the gravity gun and was given a dune buggy, and then it became a cool "road game" where you got to explore a forgotten frontier, but even that ended too quickly, and the physics concept was rather under utilized.

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The new Clone Wars TV show... I would write a 3 page detailed essay on why it is everything that is wrong with the world, but when I think about it, it corrupts the very Nostalgia that made me watch it, tragically destroying my memories forever (Read George Lucas Raped my Childhood) so draw your own conclusion, but be aware that I would happily cut off my right hand in exchange for it never being shown on TV again.

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The Half-Life series is critically acclaimed by many, but I don't really understand most of the hoopla. Yes, the "in-game narrative" gimmick is unique and "immersive", but that's hardly a watershed achievement; that concept was explored more than five years preceding HL1, if not more.


My views on HL2 are more acerbic, as the railroaded levels became more apparent when the game was placed in large, sweeping environments. The initial prologue in City 17 was probably the most exciting part of the game, as I thought, "Wow, I get to explore this huge city and drum up a resistance movement against the fascist government!", and was only told to play fetch the entire time. The game got better when you got the gravity gun and was given a dune buggy, and then it became a cool "road game" where you got to explore a forgotten frontier, but even that ended too quickly, and the physics concept was rather under utilized.


Thank you. This was going to be my own choice had you not mentioned it.

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I played this game only last year (or was this this year), on account of having a new computer. In the two years between when it was released and I played it, BioShock had become, seemingly, the godgame that was to replace Half-Life 2 as the greatest FPS ever (which it isn't and wasn't).


After an intro clearly done by visionaries and a masterful set of themes and philosophy, which were discussed and dissected like an essay against Objectivism, which was well and good. But it wasn't long before the world of Rapture became weary for me, and the annoyances outweighed the novelties.


For starters, the Plasmids. Not only is the explanation behind plasmids and Adam very vague, but it's clear that the gameplay was envisioned first, and the plasmids were just added as a gameplay gimmick later. For all the amazing effects that add plausibility to the game, what I don't get is how walking with an electricity plasmid in water doesn't electrocute you, or walking with a fire plasmid in water doesn't cause a cloud of smoke.


And then the plasmids themselves are fairly unbelievable. Even assuming that they only change the cells of your entire body in a matter of minutes, it's unexplainable how you can still be hurt from external fire and damage, while resisting fire, cold and electricity in your own arms. And the worst part is the Target Dummy plasmid. How is that even supposed to work? I can't even think up any pseudo-scientific explanation for it.


This whole thing about plasmids is really the reason why I never had a problem with BioShock 2 converting Adam into The Force.


Next, The Audio Diaries. Why are there huge tape recorders strewn all across public areas, in bathrooms, on dining tables, all expressing gossip and everyone's deepest, darkest feelings? Did people just carry these giant tape recorders on their backs and record their innermost thoughts about Andrew Ryan WHILE SITTING IN THE MIDDLE OF A PARTY?


I remember finding a tape by Andrew Ryan expression suspicion about a detective, and I found the detective's tape in the same room - a café. This is something that worked against the immersion for me, because as nice as it is that they created this original and rich world, the audio tapes' appearance makes no sense apart from being a neat way to tell the story.


The Vita-Chamber, were one of the many things taken whole from System Shock 2, and then dumbed down for console gamers. The dumbing down here was that you just woke back up in them after dying, with no penalty whatsoever. It's plausible from a cyberpunk perspective of System Shock 2 that you will be made to pay up for a new life in the future, but it's a completely broken piece of design in BioShock.


For one, it is explained that the Vita-Chamber was undergoing trials when Rapture fell, and was only attuned to Ryan's DNA. Why the hell did they go ahead and build vita-chambers all over Rapture, then? And how does your body disappear after dying to be revived in the vita-chamber? And the worst part, Ryan disables the vita-chamber in his office so that he may be killed. Why doesn't he get revived at another earlier vita-chamber?


Another reason why I liked BioShock 2 better: it let you disable vita-chambers altogether. Unfortunately, it weaved the vita-chambers into the story itself, so it was a give-take deal.


Would You Kindly? is my biggest beef. It is considered to be a leap in video game storytelling and the greatest twist EVAR, but I don't really see why. It's clever, and I liked how I'd never have seen it coming, but the reason I wouldn't have, was because it never really has to exist.


In every situation where Atlas asks you a Would You Kindly thing, you have no gameplay choice other than what Atlas asked you to do. Thousands, maybe millions of gamers all around the world with varying personalities and choices, are all pigeonholed into that one choice of doing exactly what Atlas asked. And then the game wittily slaps you, telling you that you have been an indirect slave to Atlas, haw-haw.


That isn't great storytelling, that's storytelling with the writer being a bully to the player.


And while we're on the story, the entire final quarter that took place post-Ryan was too weary. We now know everything there is to know about the mystery of Rapture, and it'd be best to get over it with it once and for all, and not to have to fight dozens more of those ****ing splicers.


Moral Decision, don't make me laugh. I read so much about this game bringing moral choice into video games and other bull, and when I actually played it, it turns your great moral choice is whether you want to harvest a little girl for a slug and kill her, or... take the slug out of her and cure her. I don't really see why I should care for a little girl just because she is a random little girl (protected by a walking tank, in a city full of monsters), especially when she looks EXACTLY like all the dozens of other girls and they all just disappear into a hole after you help them.


The consequence of your decision? The girls like you at the end of the game. Done, absolutely no other difference to the plot. Sounds more like something neat that Irrational decided to add to turn heads.

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Damn, I forgot BioShock. The biggest irritant was the lack of real moral choice (i.e. you'll get more ADAM no matter if you're a saint or a sadist), and the broken combat. Honestly, the only attacks that anyone would ever need is Electro Bolt and Wrench, where near-everything can be given the good ol' shock-'n-whack treatment. Most plasmids were worthless, particularly the nonsensical ones like hornet swarm. Overall the whole experience felt like a string of gimmicks wrapped in hype, from the Big Daddies to Plasmids, it definitely felt like an FPS/RPG... if you've been playing Halo all of your life. What's worse is that I bought into it, considering the 'spiritual sequel to SS2' bulls***.

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Knights of the Old Republic: The Big Plot Twist


I suppose I shouldn't be complaining about this on the KotOR forum...but dang. I get so tired of hearing about how awesome K1 is because of the plot twist. The stupid thing was obvious from the beginning. The twist was so obvious that I figured out who the PC was during -the very first conversation in which Revan was mentioned-. -_-



Doctor Who: Rose Tyler


Everywhere I go, Rose Tyler seems to be loved by all, so...I guess it qualifies for this thread.


Okay...I've never watched the old Doctor Who series, just the new one, so I can't compare the two. I started watching the series in the middle of David Tennent's first season. Frankly, I liked the Doctor. The villains...not so much. But Rose Tyler...she almost made me stop watching the series. It seemed like ten minutes couldn't pass without the Doc shouting, "Rose Tyler, you're brilliant!" after she made some observation or suggestion that anyone with a brain would've seen. Then, she would inevitably end up crying and screaming for the Doctor to save her from the horrific puppet-of-the-week, who usually captured her thanks to an incredible lack of common sense on her part. All she seemed designed to do was stand around, look pretty, whine about her annoying mom and a dead father she never knew, and provide a love interest (despite already having a boyfriend herself).


When Rose

got sucked into another dimension

, I was practically cheering.


The Doc's other new companions might have been a tad wishy-washy or (annoyingly) in love with him, but at least they generally had some useful skills to bring to the table (Martha being a med student, Donna being great with numbers and such). Rose was just a mess.

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Okay, some more.


Ricky Gervais:




This man and his smug expression have been on TV and radio for nearly ten years now, and I still cannot understand how this man is considered 'funny'. Granted, the same could be said of many comedians, but they haven't received the same amount of praise or the same number of accolades as Mr. Gervais.


If he is a 'comedy genius' as so many have claimed, then I'm afraid I just don't see it - none of his works have made me laugh, or even think they were remotely funny.



iPhones, iPads, and any Apple product that makes Stephen Fry gush:




Without a contract, an iPhone 4 costs nearly £600. An iPad costs nearly the same.


For £600 I could buy another computer, or even a car (okay, so it wouldn't be a great car, but it would be a damn sight more useful than a fancy looking mobile).


I'm sick of Apple and their products. I own an iPod, but it's five years old and suits me just fine. I don't feel the need to rush out and pour more money into their coffers by buying their overrated crap. I don't care if your overpriced trinket has 'apps' - I just want to phone people, message them, and possibly browse the net, for Christ's sake. All of which I can do on a Samsung that cost £90.


And the more I hear about Apple releases being 'cultural events', the more I hate them.





Seriously, I have played this game, and I can't understand why people like it so much. It was okay, but hardly deserving of all the praise people throw at it.



The Halo series:


Played them, yawned, turned off the Xbox. And I don't give a **** about your Red vs Blue, either.





Karen Traviss is an awful writer.


Yet, somehow, she has managed to stir the imaginations of thousands of fan boys with her unadulterated love letters to the Mandalorian race, turning them into a noble, misunderstood warrior race, completely removing the mystery and intrigue that made them so interesting in the first place. I could write more, but recently I've decided it's best to ignore them, so i'll just leave it at that.


There. I've probably got some more things I think are 'overrated garbage', but i'll leave it at that for now.

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Did that happen to you with Alpha Protocol as well?



Seriously, I have played this game, and I can't understand why people like it so much. It was okay, but hardly deserving of all the praise people throw at it.

My biggest problem with it is the fact that it played more like a tutorial or a tech demo than a bona-fide game. I was constantly waiting for the game to "unleash" the actual gameplay, only to be given it barely at the end, and even then it still felt constrained. Honestly, I loved the concept, just the execution wasn't well realized. Portal 2 might be a real "game", though.


Left 4 Dead


The concept for L4D was a fresh take on a tired setting, and in that mind, it does well. However, the gameplay became stale very rapidly. Not only is your team given a linear labyrinth to run through, but the zombie hordes are seemingly predictable. The Director concept is a good one, but it's execution was shoddy. Hesitation and stress seemed to plague the magical god-king; every time your periled, bleeding squad would find a house conveniently full of ammo, the game panics, "Christ, they're getting bored; quick, spawn some zombies!" Not only is that a bad way to keep the pace, but that's a great way to bore the player to death, literally.


L4D2 didn't do much better. "We got melee weapons and zombies!" is not a good way to make an excuse for a sequel, and therefore confines it to an expansion pack, an old outlet for reinvigorating new gameplay concepts in an old formula. Unfortunately, greed seemed to take Valve by the horns and mass-produce a $50 rehash of a product in less than a year.


I'm not saying that the L4D series is a "bad" experience, but not that 10/10 sucker-punch that everyone has praised it as. Comparing it to other Valve multiplayer titles like CS:S and TF2, L4D has the least replay value, and leaves a bad taste in the mouth. "God, I really wish I could get my time and money back," is the best summation of my feelings.

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Halo: The overrated game to end all overrated games. I played it first while on vacation, and thought, "this isn't too bad, I think I'll get it."


Big mistake.


I could not see why the game was so popular in the first place. It wasn't revolutionary in any way, as it reminded me a bit of Dark Forces and the old shooters. The environments were repetitive, it used the "Space Marine is you" cliche, etc. Astor pretty much summed up my opinion.


CoD: MW 1 - Don't get me wrong; this game was fun. After playing it at a friend's house for the first time, however, it came off as just another shooter, nothing revolutionary or spectacular or particularly impressive.


Darth Revan - I know this is a KOTOR forum, but pretty much everyone treats Revan as "OMG best thing evar!" in Star Wars, not even bothering to actually calculate his actual ability. And now people keep saying "Revan never died!" Yes, he did die. Get over it.


Then again, he's a canon sue. Go figure.


Karen Traviss: See Astor's post above.

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Modern Warfare II


[rant]It is an utter piece of crap whose only saving grace is the love of slaughtering bad guys by thousands of children and the absurd amounts of money it makes from said quality.


Let us begin with the asinine string of vocalizations that the stupid-as-hell writers came up with:


Stage One: America is fighting at a random city in Afghanistan, secures a bridge, blows up terrorists, kicks some ass, saves the day. Yee-haw. Next, a general flies down to the battlefield's outskirts and commandeers a soldier for CIA black-ops.


Still with me so far?


Stage Two: Said soldier is inducted into a Russian terrorist organization-- the direct descendant of the "Ultranationalist" party from the previous game-- now freely conducts acts of terrorism throughout the European continent. Next up: walk through Moscow Airport with machine guns (...) and slaughter everyone in the way. Yee-haw, blood'n'guts!


Now, before the player can escape with our glorious band of terrorists, the leader shoots you in the chest, revealing that he knew you were an American CIA blah blah blah; you die, and the world blames America (wait, how was that discovered again?).


Stage Three: Russia invades America.


Yes, no worries, I'll say it again.


Russia invades America.


If you need me to explain why this is so freaking ridiculous, you probably liked the plot of the game.


Stage Three: America defeats Russia (no, really?). Blah blah blah, the plot is revealed to be the doing of the same American general from the beginning of the game. Why did he orchestrate the massacre of millions of his countrymen, the gutting of American influence throughout the world, and the destruction of what can decently be called world order?


He wanted a mandatory draft for every American citizen.


[/end rant]


Don't get me wrong, I love to fake-slaughter terrorists as much as the next guy, but when it comes in the form of a banal, idiotic suppository I cannot stand to see it glorified the way it is.

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:devburn: Join the Dark Side Athos, you know you want to!


@thread: Well, let's see, if we're talking about anime, I'd say Dragonball is definitely the most overrated garbage I've ever seen. And I have actually watched more than a few episodes and here's what I learned:


  • An episode lasts for about 20 minutes
  • Each episode contains around 5 minutes of new material
  • Each episode contains around 15 minutes of flashbacks
  • The new material is sliced up into little bits so you have to endure the whole episode instead of just watching those 5 minutes and skipping the rest
  • Sometimes there are even flashbacks within flashbacks for a double WTF moment


In conclusion - how people consider this to be one of the greatest anime of all time, I'll never understand.


Moving on to movies - The Hangover. Admittedly, I haven't seen it, so I can't comment on the actual quality of the movie, but I have read the plot and it sounds just like any other comedy out there. I've heard comments like "the best movie ever" from several friends, but even they haven't drawn me to even think about watching that movie. So basically I'm just wondering what is it about that particular movie that draws so many people to watch it - it doesn't have an interesting premise, it doesn't have big names from the acting scene... seemingly it doesn't have anything that sets it apart from many other comedies. So, what am I missing?


Games - World of Warcraft. As a fan of Warcraft in general I have actually tried this game and I really don't get what's so interesting in it. OK, the graphics are nice and colorful and it can be fun to stride through some of the locations we've seen in WoW's strategy predecessors, but it's supposed to be an RPG, so where's the main story? Is there even one, or are there only some small and irrelevant arcs told through increasingly boring quests? And yet millions of people actually pay a monthly fee to be able to play this game. Why, what did I miss in my WoW tryout?

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Mass Effect 2. An FPS/RPG hybrid with minimal RPG components makes this one of the best RPG's of all time and the game that will influence the future of RPG's? What a load of crap.


The Bible. Everyone's always telling me to read the Bible. Well, I read it as I would read every other fiction, and it sucks.


Karl Marx. Okay, so the man has had a great impact on society and he was a great thinker, but let's not overreact. I'm seeing his name turning up in every course I follow at university, even when he clearly doesn't belong.


Already mentioned in this thread: Revan (and KotOR 1 in general), Halo, Apple products, the duo Fallout 3 - Oblivion. And there's so much more, but I'm a bit tired today so I'll quit here.

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:devburn: Join the Dark Side Athos, you know you


Okay...I will...Reality TV....all of it! I'm not necessarily talking about educational stuff that airs on History, and Discovery and what not. I'm talking about the mindless dribble that the networks, and some cable channels, air that has dumbed down television more than I've seen in my life time. People like those idiots on Jersey Shore, Big Brother, Survivor and all that other crap get on

TV and then somehow think they have talent or that they actually matter. Don't even get me started on American Idol or anything like that...when more people vote on who leaves American Idol than vote for the President of the United States there IS a problem.


I personally blame MTV for all of it. If they never air a single episode of Real World maybe none of this ever happens...


*rant off* :)

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Many of the things I would have said have been taken already... Twilight, Modern Warfare 2, Religion, Dr. Who etc, etc.


Ok, now there's a bunch of new, horrible shows on Sci-Fi that get promoted as if they're amazing. Ghost Hunters, Sanctuary, Caprica, Ghost Whisperer - its all crap. Except for Stargate Universe - that one is awesomely done. It is well enough living up to the godly standards of pure awesome that SG1 and Atlantis set forth.


Then there's the History channel with all that Nostradomus crap with a bunch of sorry excuses for 'scientists' that they interview that are promoting it.


There's more I bet I could think of but I'll leave it at that.

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