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Team Neon - Jedi Academy FF


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Team Neon - JKA Team since 2006



http://www.neontool.net http://www.ne0n.in


Server Details:

Name:...........teamneon 'FF'




Team Neon is a team like the name says already.

Team Neon is based on fullforce mostly. But we also have to improve both saber and force skills.


A little 'info pack about Neon':


We are a Full Force team, but we do No Force matches also if so decided.


Neon was first found in 2006. The purpose wasnt to recruit any people but some friends were let in (mostly finnish guys)

In 2008 Neon was "re-made". The Team is now more serious and we do recruit, but just invite only.


The year 2009 was kinda normal except for the fact teh team got more bigger and started to pwn the **** out of everyone.




TeamNeon Server Info:


Server Details:

Name:...........teamneon 'FF'


Hoster : Anarchy // InX-Gaming

GameType : FFA

Mod : JA+


(This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)



- MountainDew/Method

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