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This week, Bioware has decided to make the theme of their update the Jedi Knight. On the media side of things, they have released a short trailer (using in-game graphics), along with updating the class section to include the Knight's specialisations: the tanking Jedi Guardian and the damage-dealing Sentinel (feel free to skip reading that page, they essentially gave names to the specialisations and called it a day). And lastly they announced a new companion for the Knight, that droid you may recognise from the Deceived trailer, whose name is T7-01. He's also proof Moore's Law doesn't apply to the setting.


To be honest, I'm more interested in finding out if we can really kick droids off sail barges than anything else.

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Did anyone notice that in the trailer...

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When she kills the two sith the dying sound is oddly similar to the dying sound in kotor. I was hoping for something more creative lol.


We're getting a 200 year old T7 droid? Then I'd rather have had my trusty 300 year old T3-M4.

Agreed my T3 is a much better choice.


I'm hoping T7 doesn't have a bad motivator :xp:.

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