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Time to Go Back to...What?!?


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My apartments are directly across the street from a school. Morning drive to work just got 10 minutes longer :¬:


They had damn well better be learning to spell correctly.. or for gawdz sake, at least learn to use a dictionary or spell corrector :rolleyes:


@Astro & Lynk... ditto my friends. ditto to the Nth degree (damn you UK :fist: I'm so jealous right now)

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What? You won't let them use Internet-speak? In this Digital Age, that's unheard of!


...l33t speak is actually mentioned in the 2008 edition of a common Dutch grammer book...an so is slang...


Where is the world going :xp:


They do know I used to play Battlefield though. They spotted me browsing the patch notes.

Maybe I could force them too join Lucasforums?

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