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Hi, I'm new here. Maybe one of you can help me with a problem I'm having with JK. I recently bought Jedi Knight off Amazon because I lost my original discs and wanted the CD music--something that the Steam version doesn't have. I managed to get the game running perfectly under Win7 x64, except for the CD music. The music only plays once per level. I remember when I used to play it, all those years back, the music would repeat. I know that the game uses Redbook for its music, as most games did back then. After the song finally ends, I hear a second of the next song, but it cuts out, and the music stays off. I tried another game that uses Redbook music: Quake 2. The same thing happens in that game too; the CD music only plays once, but doesn't repeat like it should. Fortunately for Quake 2, there are plenty of source ports that support reading the music from the hard drive. No such thing exists for JK, except for JKE. But that doesn't solve my music problem. I've tried every operating system before Vista in VMWare. The game is essentially unplayable in all of them. Is there any way to make an addon for JK that contains all the tracks? Like another GOB file or something? JK just isn't the same without the music.

Any ideas?


Thanks in advance :)

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