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The Revised Story


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I liked elite squadron but the overall story sucked. The execution wasnt bad but the overall plot didnt work because you cant clone the force and X1 and X2 arent names. I am writing a revised overall plot and I may insert new missions.



- Each act has a different playable, Falon Grey is the main character

- No cloning

- You play as: A Clone Commander, A Rebel Trooper, and Falon Grey

- Falon Grey is in all of the act's as a commander

- When your Falon Grey you cannot change loadouts

- There isn't a ground:space switch every mission

- At certain points you will switch to heroes like Falon Grey, Luke Skywalker or Rahm Kota

- Starkiller in instant action for the Galactic Empire :thmbup1:


ACT 1 -

- Tutorial

- Takes place on Kamino

- Overall the same

- Tatooine

- No ground to space

- Very similar

- Coruscant

- Same

- Cata Nemoida

- You start off ground but not in space

- At the end of the mission you take over Falon Grey and have to escape

- Current character is killed

- Dantooine

- You play as the Rebel Soldier

- Exactly the Same


ACT 2 -

- Death Star

- Completely different

- Trench Run

- You break off near the end and play as Luke

- Yavin 4

- Eaxactly the Same

- Hoth

- You start in the hanger

- Same

- Endor

- Completely Different

- Participate in the assault and fly into the second death star

- Character is killed

- Play as Lando at the end


ACT 3 -

- Bespin

- Play as Falon Grey

- Exactly the Same

- Vjun

- New Sith Lord introduced

- Exactly the same

- Mustafar

- Kill the sith's apprentice

- Exactly the same; minus wookies

- Korriban

- New Level

- You fight the Sith's army and kill the Sith in the Valley of the Dark Lord's


Comment if you have suggestions

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Well, to start off with...you can't clone the Force, but you can clone the cells, and since good old Georgy decided to make it so that midi-chlorians (which live in your cells) determine your connection to the Force, it's possible to clone someone who is Force-sensitive. If not, you should also take that up with TFU2.


As for the names...Phi 120 or RC-1207 are also not names. The names were meant to denote batch and number...So batch X, number 1 or 2.


Just out of curiosity, why are you writing a new plot?

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