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Need Jedi2 NPC code!!


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Here you are:

playerModel	jedi
saberColor	orange
rank		lt
customSkin	j2
surfOff		"head head_face"
surfOn		"head_off head_face_off"
reactions	3
aim		3
move		3
aggression	3
evasion		2
intelligence	3
playerTeam	player
enemyTeam	enemy
class		jedi
yawSpeed	140
walkSpeed	55
runSpeed	200
snd			jedi2
sndcombat	jedi2
sndjedi		jedi2
health		200
dismemberProbHead	0
dismemberProbArms	5
dismemberProbLegs	0
dismemberProbHands	10
dismemberProbWaist	0



Meddling with the assetsX.pk3's isn't too bright, you know, also totally unnecessary.

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