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Sith Outcast


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There is a mod or what for this game,sith outcast.I downloaded it from lucasfiles but i dont know how to get it work,where to put them etc. Here is what i downloaded Please help :S



INSTALLATION: (This was not made for or MP. Proceed at your own risk. READ THE XP INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.)

I would recommend you clear out the base folder of any other pk3 file which are not asset1, asset0, etc. -like keep the ones that came with the game.


Just take the Darkorigins_TC.pk3 & Soundfiles.pk3 and put it in the gamedata/base directory. Then take the JK2config file and the saves folder and put it in the base directory. Put The Fetts folder in the base directory*(read further for what to do with the Fetts)*

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