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What Makes You Tick: A Stitch in Time


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Hello everyone. I noticed a few years ago there was a thread about a game made by Matt Kempke of "Essential Guide to Monkey Island" What Makes You Tick


After What Makes You Tick had a successful run and many people demanded a sequel, Matt got together with Greg MacWilliam, of "End of the Line", and created that sequel. I am proud to announce What Makes You Tick: A Stitch in Time.


The game was released today and can be found at http://lassiegames.com/stitch/news/


In this game the player controls Nigel while he tries to settle his fathers estate in the town of Ravenhollow. His father was one of the founding scientists of the Smith Institute. Find out what mysteries the town of Ravenhollow and the Smith Institute have in store for Nigel. The game concludes the main story from What Makes You Tick while taking players through a new fully interactive world.


I have personally played through the whole thing and found it very engaging and memorable. I hope that some other fans of adventure games will give it a go and play it too.

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I think it looks plain awesome. Wish I had bothered actually finishing the first game, I bet they tie together neatly. (sort of got the hint of that when I played the first couple of minutes of stitch.)


Anyone here tried it out properly yet?

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