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Quiet Storm Gaming Community Is Recruiting Star Wars Players


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Quiet Storm aka ~QS~™ is a Multi-National Gamers Community. Started back in Nov 2005, while primarily WarRock (then) and Combat Arms based now, our members also like to play other RPG, RTS, Flight Simulations, Racing and other Sports, get your Game Hat on, get ready to commit and have some serious fun!!!!

We are looking for, Honest, Loyal, Dedicated Mature Attitude Team players with a sense of humor. If you feel you can fill "OUR" criteria, as age is not a factor, then seriously check us out. Members should be active participants in our community, committed in joining a squad, maybe practice if and when you want as we are more about having "FUN" then having to be with strict gaming type attitudes!

Log into the Team Speak (3) at or hit us up on X-Fire (add 67camaro) as this is PRIMARY FORM OF COMMUNICATION and is a REQUIREMENT!!




The only requirements to join our community is that you have, Teamspeak, A Microphone, Xfire.


We are trying to get our star wars battlefront 2 PC Squad going we have 2 members in our community of 70+ members worldwide that play. We are in the process of learning the part of this game with Clan wars so bare with us :D


PM me or add idemo21 to xfire












we use the teamspeak 3 client which is better than Vent in many ways

if we get enough members we will have game servers only if we can get the squad base

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