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Old glories of the fangames


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Hello everyone! :D


Greetings from Italy! :hugs:


I'm an Italian fan of the LucasArts adventures, and of all the related fangames, too.


Excuse me for my English: I'm not so good...


I'm trying to collect all LucasArts fangames, so I often browse the pages of various forums, from the various countries of the world!


... But it is very difficult to find everything I need, especially the oldest ones (but not exclusively: I miss different games more 'recent', too).


I refer in particular to those of the old famous web-sites. Do you remember them? For example, there were "Fangames.co.uk", "Spectacular Monkey Island", "HeavenSoft", "Double Hard Monkey-_", "Adventure Pit" and so on ...


Those old sites are no longer online, or are stuck, and also where I can find some interesting references, it happens that the links and/or the downloads do not work, sigh ...


I am interested in complete games, but I'd like also to have the demos or the trailers, and/or some information about them (author, date ...), even the ones who has not been completed (I'm insatiable!), and maybe never released through the sites and forums!


Is there anyone among you who still own them, perhaps in some old backups, or in an old PC in the attic? :comp9:


If you are kind enough to send me what you find, you could possibly upload what you have through Megaupload or however you like.


I have also A LOT of LucasArts fangames from all the world to send you. Feel free to ask me what you need.


If you think that it is better that I write a list of the games I need, or the ones I own, tell me, please!


If you prefer to contact me directly, my e-mail address is: bye.pulciniverdi@libero.it


Excuse me for my "strange" request, but you know: I'm a FAN! :emodanc:


I thank you in advantage.


Peace and Wellness...


Ciao ciao :wavey:


Paolo :jester1:

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I may or may not have the "Fate of Monkey Island" games on my computer. I know I may or may not have "Legends of LeChuck" around here somewhere.


Do you need those, or do you already have them? Or are you LucasLegal and I know nothing of what you speak of. :wonder:

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Hello guys!


Thank you for your replies! :)


@V. Melkalis

Yeah! I'm really crazy! :thmbup1:


@Scabb dude

But it's true! My English is TERRIBLE! I'm lucky: there are the on-line translators!



I already have those two games, thank you! But the ones I'm searching for (in general) are made in those years (1998/2004).

Do you think will be useful to write a list of what I need?

And no, I'm not a "LucasLegal" : i LOVE the fangames!


Ciao ciao

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Thank you, Ascovel :thmbup1:


You are really kind! But I already know the AGS site! WOW!


Here a little list (little for now) to explain which games I'm searching for!


Many years ago there were different fan-sites about LucasArts games.


- Monkey Island Spectacular

the fan-games page was this





- HeavenSoft

the fan-games pages were theese







- Fangames.co.uk




the web-site is available, but it is stuck, nothing is working!


In the years many games were hosted, and happened that the old ones were no listed in the newest pages. I need theese:


The Carrabean is not enough

The tyrant of Monkey Island

Star Wars Scrolls of the ancients

Star Wars The Chalice of the Sith (Durgan Fangame)

Green Tentacle and the Suction Cups

Grim Fandango 2 - Indigo Island

MI 2.5: The Plunder years

Adventures of Murray: The Legend of Dragon Island



- Double 'Ard Monkey-_ (Monkey-_Studios)




Web-site available, but without the old hosted games. I need


Escape from Melée Island

Star Wars - The unknown hero

Super Tour of Monkey Island



They are ALL unavailable, sigh... I was lucky, and something I found, but I miss A LOT of them.


As you can see, I'm interested in demos and trailers, too!


Of course, everything I found (and everything I will find thanks to you) is available for anyone who wants! :)


I need other fangames, too... But for now that's all, folks!


Ciao ciao

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Well, there is this project that looks quite promising. It's called 'Picaroon: The Lost Years'. It was originally titled 'Monkey Island: The Lost Years', but the team decided to change the name of the game, as well as the names of the characters and locations, in order to avoid copyright infringement. But it is the same game with the same story and all, just different names in place. The team working on the game haven't released anything playable as of yet, but they are apparently getting "very, very close" to bringing us "(something resembling) a playable game".


Here's the promotional artwork for the first episode of the game, entitled 'Mysteries of the Deep':



(bigger version here)


...and here are some screenshots:


Fire It Up!


Mysterious Water

Start Screen


I really can't wait to see Part 1, because from what I've seen, the game looks very good for a fan project.

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WOW HaydenWCE! :D


I'm awaiting for that game from YEARS!


Formerly its name was "Return to Monkey Island", than it became "Revival of Monkey Island" and "Monkey Island: the lost years"!


I still hope the "Picaroon" idea is done only to prevent "LucasLegals", and it will REALLY be a Monkey Island fangame!




I'm searching for the LucasArts fangames from ALL the world. I know in this forum there are members from different countries, so in the coming days I will also list the games in other languages than English. :drool1:



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Formerly its name was "Return to Monkey Island", than it became "Revival of Monkey Island" and "Monkey Island: the lost years"!


Ooh, that reminds me. Here's this project. There is a playable demo that has already been released, and the game has been made in your language - Italian, as it has been developed by an Italian team. I'm not sure if you're aware of this project or not, but I thought I would tell you about it anyway. From what I've seen, this game is quite impressive, and I'm really looking forward to playing the English translation once it is released. Of course, you don't have to worry about waiting - I envy you :D.


I still hope the "Picaroon" idea is done only to prevent "LucasLegals", and it will REALLY be a Monkey Island fangame!


Believe me, it will. This piece of info from the F.A.Q. sort of confirms it:


""MI - The Lost Years" is now called "Picaroon - The Lost Years" In order to prevent copyright infringement, we've decided it was for the best to rename the game and characters, so nothing can ever prevent you from playing this wonderful game we've worked so hard on (and still are). "MI - The Lost Years" was inspired by the popular Monkey Island Game Series, but didn't have too many direct references, so it was easy enough to "convert" to a whole original game."


Also, if you look on the left-hand cave wall in that image that I posted, you will see a shadow of Murray. Knowing that Murray will be in the game is assurance for me that this game is definitely a Monkey Island fan game.

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I knew that would happen :ang2:


There are A LOT of project called "Return to Monkey Island"!


The one you have reported is the ITALIAN project, still alive and kicking (and beautiful, too!) :D


The "former" Picaroon called "Return to Monkey Island" were in theese really old pages:










The leader of the Picaroon project, Tom Vandepoele in those years used the nickname "Electroshokker".


I take this opportunity to ask if someone has the beta demo for that "Return to Monkey Island" game (I think the year 2005).


Ciao ciao.



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Good morning boys! :)


(In Italy now is 8.30 A.M.)




Yeah, I know the Italian "VoodooMaster Fangamers' Island" :clap2:


I am in contact with VoodooMaster, and often I send him different fangames, but lately he has been really busy with study and work, so he has not upgraded his web-site.


(are you the same "Zum" of the Italian MI Forum?)





Yes, the production of that beautiful fangame has been "suspended". :crybaby:




Here a "little" list of the fangames I'm searching for in Spanish language:



- La leyenda de Monkey Island (by El_Yind)



- Piratas al ataque (Ferjuarez)



- Monkey Island Argentino: The Escape from Monkey Island (Christian Alonso)



- Maniac Mansion 3



- Loom II (Sadistyk)



- Monkey Island 2 Alternativo (Versión Elaine Marley)



- The Monkey Island Story - Lechuck's Awakening (Mojo Adventure Games)



- Loom II - The Forge (Megisto)



- Monkey Island 2,5 (by Pablo)



- The secret of Monkey Island 2 (Capitan Lechuckdran)



- Indiana Jones y los hijos de Salomón (Eight Dreams)



- Indy y la abadia de Effel (Ubik)



- Zak McKracken in the Mushroom Kingdom (Skolarian Bosses)



Maybe some friend from Spain or Argentina know something of all those project! I'm interested in demos, trailers and news, too! :D


In the coming days I will list the games from other Countries.


Ciao ciao



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Ooh, yeah, I just read on the forum... damn :(.

Well, actually they were doing great and about to release a demo but there were several disagreements between the artists, and due to a lack of project leading, it is now suspended until someone picks it up to coordinate the various (mostly gone) people who were working on it.


And furthermore, we've been carrying this since 2005, when thinking of a fifth monkey island chapter was merely swearing, to bring the loyal fans a gift they would never forget, but now with Tales (and more upcoming it seems) there wouldn't be any more point to make this parade go on.


So sorry please spread the word.

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Once you play The Fate of Monkey Island, let me know how you went ;-)


The first one was an experiment, the second is worth the play, more true point and click.


I just played through 'Fate of Monkey Island 1' then, and you know what? I actually enjoyed it. It's very rough, and it's evident that it was an experiment, but it was actually entertaining, and you actually got one or two laughs out of me.


I'll play through the second one tomorrow.

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Hy boys! :)


Today I list the fangames in German language I'm searching for! Here the list:


- Boxfight for AGS by Sharalamude



- Indiana Bond and the mysterious shrine by Yooda



- Das mysteriöse Verschwinden by Sandy



- DOTT - Return of purple tentacle (A Beats of Rage MOD) by Senile Team



- Hoagie - by Crazy-Roket (DarkSoul)



- Maniac Moonbase by Vasal



- Bernard and the tentacle mindbenders by Rock´N´Goth Alien



- The adventure game project (parodie demo gratis)



- Die legende des Weltenfahrstuhls by Necrogore



- Monkey Island 5 by Matthias Gerth



- The real secret of Monkey Island by Lucas May (The Rock)



- Geschichten des Zak McKracken by Lak



- Tentakel Jones and the fade of lalala by Malte Kosian



- Monkey Island by 3vilB@rt (EvilBart)



- Chaos / Loom II - The years of Chaos / Loom 2 - Chaos returns by Nico Blanke and Nicola Vetnic



- The Diary of Indiana Jones by Collision



- The iron phoenix (fangame) by Naturally Lazy



- The breath of the Gods / Der atem der Götter (by Creedy)





As for the Spanish ones, I need even the demos, or the trailers... Maybe some of theese games has never been realized, in this case I need all the news.


There is this other game: "Tajemstvi Osliho Ostrova", fangame in czech language, who had a German version called "The mistery of Donkey Island", a Monkey Island parody.




None of you has the German version of this game? :D


It's all for today! And thank you again!


Ciao ciao



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  • 3 weeks later...


Hi friends! :)


Hi Zum! :thmbup1:


Here I am for another little list of the fangames I'm searching for...


This time is for the ITALIANS ones!




Yes, though I am Italian, I have difficulties to find certain Italian games, and maybe there is some Italian (or even from other countries) who can help me! :ang3:


Here the list:


- Indiana Jones' last adventure



- La minaccia fantasma



- Monkey Island 2,5 - by Valerio Castelli



- The Mistery of Big Whoop / Monkey Island 2,5 - Project demo



- Monkey Island flight - LeChuck's invader



- Monkey Island Matrix



- Rip Island



- Slot machine Monkey Island



- Zak McKraken 2 - Slime and blood / Zak McKraken 2 - The stupidity strikes again



- Monkey Island SE version 2D (part 1)

(the fangame - year 2001, not the remake of MI 1 and MI 2 from LucasArts)



- Star Wars - Vader's quest

(The old demo, which was lost due to a malfunction of the server host)




Obviously, for ALL the games I list (not only the Italian ones) I'll be glad to contact the authors, too (if possible) for all the news.



In the past years I've collected A LOT of LucasArts fangames! :thmbup1::D


If someone is interested, feel free to ask me what you need, ok?


Ciao ciao from Italy


Giocherellone (Joker) :jester1:

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Good grief. There's a whole world of these things out there. Thanks for the research and links :)


Well... Thanks to all of you, boys! :thmbup1:


Yes, there are THOUSANDS of fans in the world, and I'm a FAN! :)


For my research I made a kind of "database", and it is very useful, otherwise I would be lost among the hundreds of projects of various fangamers from all the world (which often have the same title).





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Is it inappropriate for me to ask which of these fan games are actually good?



Hi Hellbeard! :)


I do not own the games I listed above.


I approached this forum hoping to find them!


Consequently, I do not know if the games I listed above are really good (Although, on the premise that I read on websites that I mentioned, it seems that they are).


As for the ones I own, as I remember at this moment, I can list these:


- Fate of Monkey Island;

- Fate of Monkey Island 2 (even if incomplete);

- Maniac Mansion 3D demo aka Meteor Mess;

- Indiana Jones and the heritage of time / Indiana Jones und das Erbe der Zeit;

- Indiana Jones - The revenge of the Ancients (3 demos and still work in progress);

- Day of Maniac Mansion - Episode 1 - Les aventurier des grottes perdues;

- Maniac Jackson and the moonwalking mindbenders (a tribute to Michael Jackson);

- Tentacle Island;

- The secret of Mount Monkey;

- Monkey Resurrection;

- Monkey Island 0 - Navidad (from Spain);

- Monkey Island 0 - The beginning (from Italy);

- Monkey Island 4,5 - Time Crisis;

- Night of the Hermit;

- Carver Island 1 - 2 (the third is still unavailable);

- Return to Monkey Island (from Italy);

- Tajemství Oslího ostrova;

- Star Wars - Shai-la of the Sith;

- Zak McKraken 2 - Between Time and Space;

- Loom II - The Forge demo (by Quill O' the Wisp);

- Indiana Jones - The temple of the spheres;

- Udoiana Raunes 1 - 2 - 3;

- The adventures of Sherman Toothrot;

- The devil's triangle;

- Carnival of the Damned;

- Maniac Island 1 - 2 - 3...


I could go on and on!


Sure, there are several other really awful! :barf:


But in general they are really interesting and funny! :clap2:


Several of these works would have risked, with time, to be lost.


That is why I started collecting them and making them available.


From fans for fans, right? :cheers:


I hope I have answered your question.


Ciao ciao.



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