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PC version ported by aspyr... LA screwed up again


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You all know what a failure TFU: USE was... Well you'd think LA developing both x360 and PS3 versions of the game could atleast dish out some time to make the pc version separately... But no... These guys don't learn from their mistakes do they???


Here's the proof: http://pc.ign.com/objects/053/053533.html


Scroll down to gamedetails and you'll see this


"Developer/Co-Developer: LucasArts / Aspyr"


I hope its not true....


Thanks to their crappy porting techniques my first experience sucked due to the constant memory leak that plagued me till patch 1.2 which came out only 6 months later or so...


Here's solid proof : http://www.gamingtarget.com/article.php?artid=11467

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Im going to have to agree with The-Seraphimscomment,i can just imagine a 250 gb install,and rampant memory leaks...Months complaing to aspyr and months of waiting in hopes of a patch that will address the issues.My enjoyment of the first game was just was dimished because of aspyrs worse than normal port of this game,I dont plan on getting this unless the reviews reflect a better than decent port.

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If its actrually Aspyr then i don't think ill be getting TFU 2 until i get a 360 or PS3, unless the stars align and it ends up a good port...*chuckle* as if...


lol... nice one... But that makes me wonder... How are they gonna release a demo for pc in that case... I guess thats why the demo's getting delayed.. Aspyr's having a tough time porting one level...


I guess only chuck norris would be able to make a fully functional port...

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