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The Art of Sierra (book)

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Coming soon...


... and probably kicking that stupid "Rogue Leaders" in the nuts!


The Art of Sierra : Official Facebook Fan Page


Prepare yourself for the world's most extensive video-game art archival project ever produced - a project chronicling over two decades of art and design from Sierra Online - one of the world's most prolific game development companies in history.


Featuring artwork, interviews, and features from talented game designers, illustrators, animators, producers, fans and friends of the graphic adventure phenomenon that started it all.


It's time for Brandon Klassen and Eriq Chang, the creative minds behind the "Art of Sierra" project, to reveal the fruits of their labour - over 8 years of hard work archiving and preserving the art of Sierra On-line for the ages.


Visit http://www.artofsierra.com for more information.


. . . .


A Fable Foundry Publishing Project. Designed & Created by Eriq Chang & Brandon Klassen,

Contributors & partners announced soon.


©Copyright 2010 Fable Foundry Publishing. "The Art of Sierra" is a trademark of Fable Foundry Publishing. "Sierra Online" and the Sierra family of games are registered trademarks of Activision, Inc.



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I thought Sierra threw out most of their old art in the late 1990s. I remember seeing some go for crazy amounts on ebay... Any idea how much of it they got hold of for this book? It'd be a bit dull if it were mostly screenshots. :)

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