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TUTORIAL- edit weapon ammo & Damage


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please Sticky



Your properties are gonna look WAY different (whats typed in) because I'm working on the ARC trooper Mod. ignore it. dont change anything except what i selected




so step Zero: open Itunes. start some music. i perfer Slipknot, but thats up to you. :D



#1: open Unreal Editor.


#2: go to the Actor Classes Browser, and UNCHECK the "Use placeable Classes only" box




#3 Open the "Inventory" tab.Then the "Weapons" tab. the list of the weapon names will appear. I will do the DC17mBlaster. double click it.




#4 from the new box that appears, open the "weapon" tab




#5 change the pickup ammo count to any number. this is the ammount of ammo you get when this weapon is picked up.




#6 If you would like, change the "ammocount" to a higher number. this will make EACH clip as many shots you would like per reload.

(ex. 2 500 clips for 1000 capacity)



#7 close the grey box. now go back to "inventory", and open "Amunition"




#8 open "DC17mBlasterAmmo"


#9 open the "Amunition" tab in the new grey box.


#10 in there, change the numbers for "Damage" (10,000= i shot kill)

And "MaxAmmo" to a higher number (like 1,000 or more for more ammo capacity.)





Questions? send me a Visitor or Private Message!

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Is there a button to refresh the files? I've successfully changed ammo stats, but I can't get the damage of the DC-17 blaster to change, even though I've successfully changed the damage stat for the DC-17 sniper using the method described here.


Also, how do I change the damage done by the DC-15 pistol?

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