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Gameplay Difference Going from TFU1 to TFU2


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I know TFU2 isn't out yet, but the demo is, which gave us a preview of how it's gonna be. "the grip in TFU2 was designed to be much easier to use and we made major improvements to targeting objects.." That's along the lines of what they said, but to me, someone who's completely mastered the grip from TFU1 felt that the TFU2 grip felt kinda awkward and just weird. It's a totally different feel, along with the saber attacks feeling different and the lack of the cool ability from TFU1 to be able to do a charged force push, a charged repulse, a 'held-down' lightning attack, and a saber throw all in one jump to an enemy.


I think TFU2's gonna be the better, more 'epic' game, but TFU1 will always have a place in my heart and remain very cool in my mind.


What do you guys think?

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