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Fallout: New Vegas RP, anyone?


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Without further ado, I present a humble plot scenario for our F:NV roleplay!




War: war never changes. At times, the lines of the battle are clearly drawn, with no room for ambiguity. Sometimes the reverse is true, and there comes a point where you no longer know which side you're on. Wars can certainly be conducted between men and machines, or nations, but the most difficult ones are often fought within ourselves. Such is the case in New Vegas, which has been shaped and defined through the actions of a certain Courier. However, not even New Vegas' most popular new resident can prevent what is currently happening...This time, the war in New Vegas lies within everyone's hearts. "Gambling fever" is high, and the stakes? One's life.


A new casino has sprung up on the Strip, and it has begun to rival the famous Gomorrah. Its name? "Ultimate," and it promises nothing less than that when it comes to luxury, fine dining, and the riskiest table games in New Vegas. So far, fifty gamblers have wound up dead, and countless others have utterly "disappeared". What's going on at the Ultimate, and who's supporting it?


Something draws people to that casino, and it ain't just the neon lighting...


[sound interesting?]

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[THREADMASTER'S NOTE: Okay, now that I've looked up Ultra-Luxe on the Fallout Wikipedia, I can sincerely tell you that I was NOT planning on involving cannibalism in the Ultimate casino. What I was planning on doing and working out was this: Caesar's Legion is backing and running it, under the guise of a front society called the V.I.P.'s (Vicisti, Imperators and Praetors, that is, but the suckers--er, the people going to the Ultimate casino--think it just stands for Very Important People.) This is AFTER the battle of Hoover Dam. Thus:


1) If the Courier sided with the Legion, this is one of their new strongholds.

2) If the Courier helped defeat the Legion, this is their new stealth HQ.


The Ultimate Casino has five floors:


1st Floor: Lobby, Fountain, Colosseum Restaurant (posh, all animal meat)

2nd Floor: Slot Machines (that dispense super-addictive chems, not caps)

3rd Floor: Penultimate Stakes (you belong to the Legion if you lose)

4th Floor: Ultimate Stakes (if you lose, your life is forfeit/you go to Floor 5)

5th Floor: Penthouse and TV Studio (where live executions are broadcast!)


Notes: Gamblers are required to play at least 10 slot machines before they are allowed access to the 3rd or 4th floors. That way, they'll be more likely to be at least slightly "doped up" on chems before they head for the real "game"... Also, most people think that the 5th floor features luxury hotel suites, but only the winners are allotted them. The losers head right to the TV Studio.


So, that's what I had in mind. Sorry, Hannibals, but no human flesh 4 U today!

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