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The Deak Starkiller Cinematics

Sir Vougalot

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Has anyone viewed those three comic book cinematics featuring Deak Starkiller? (I think they may be Limited Edition or preorder bonus content, but I'm not sure.) Am I alone in thinking they are awesome? I recognized the content right away: It's from a very early draft of the Star Wars script, where Luke Skywalker was Luke Starkiller and had a brother named Deak (featured as the hero in the clips), the Force was the Force of Others, and the light and dark sides of the Force were the Ashla and the Bogan respectively (I wonder if loads of Aussie gamers had a good laugh at that?).


Anyway, I'm just wondering where the artwork comes from. It looks to be quite on the retro side. Is there an early comic book adaptation of Star Wars that I'm not aware of? Or did the development team create 1970s-style comic strips exclusively for this occasion?


[Edit] Here is a site where you can find the original Star Wars script, as well as other goodies. (The site used to be a lot better. They recently changed formats, which I don't care for.) Personally, while I find all of this early stuff fascinating, I much prefer the version of Star Wars that we got. It's less . . . "fanboyish."





[Edit 2] Nobody knows? Okay . . . :(

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