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Mass Effect: Genesis


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*warning - this RP contains major spoilers for the Mass Effect Universe from both games. Viewer Discretion is recomended*




2186 CE, one year has passed since the Capture of the Collector Base within the Omega 4 relay. The Black Ops Human Survivalist organisation titled Cerberus has performed extensive study on Collector and Reaper Technology, but yet to discover their full capabilities.


The Citadel Council has completely disregarded and denied the existance of the alien Reapers - an intelligent race of synthetic/organic machines. Since the attack from Sovereign and the Geth three years ago, the theories of Reapers have been reduced down to nothing more than mere beliefs and legends amongst the locals.


To the attention of a freighter crew, a derelict starship has passed through the Omega 4 relay with the iconic Cerberus logo imprinted on the outer shell...


Yay, a Mass Effect rp :D Alright, after strong consideration of the plot, this the timeline structure from the last two games that suit the needs for this RP:



- Commander Shepard is Male, a paragon Spectre and saved the Citadel Council from the Geth Attack in the first game.


- During the second game, he preserved the Collector Base for Cerberus to study, in order to combat the Reaper Threat. ((I admit, I always destroyed the base during my playthroughs for moral reasons lol. But this comes into exception))


- Shepard and Legion reprogrammed the Heretic Geth to oppose the Reapers


- Mordin and Shepard decided to keep a copy of the data regarding the cure to the Krogan Genophage."


- Liara has become the new Shadow Broker, as well as the commander's primary love interest.



Like my previous RP, this will be organised into three parts. Anybody is welcome to join, as long as they have a basic understanding of the Mass Effect Universe (if not; I recomend going out and playing the games, or visit theMass Effect Wiki). General RP Rules apply.


The first part will consist of the Freelance Transport Crew of the starship freighter The Valkyrie, whom discovers a derelict Cerberus Vessel drifting from the Omega 4 relay. What they find on board that ship will set the course of events, as well as explain the RP's title :p


Here is how you should present your Character Bio-Sheet






Pre-Service History: (Spacer, Colonist, Homeworlder)

Psycological Profile:


Facial Identification: (Your characters overall Appearance >.> just a pic or description will be fine)





In terms of introducing your character, you can either be: a crew member, someone they meet at the Omega Station, or even during the RP. If we get enough participants, we'll start from after the crew visits the derelict ship, and on its way to the Omega Station.


I'll post my character sheet soon. But in the meantime, feel free to join and enjoy :)

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excellent :) here's mine:


((note: I apoligise for the size of the image))


Name: Captain Qui'in Tuhrop

Age: 46 years and 9 months

Gender: Male

Species: Turian

Pre-Service History: Homeworlder

Psycological Profile: Noble

Specialisation: Turian Veteran, Captain

Facial Identification: LorikQui%27in2.png

Weapons: M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon, Haliat Thunder Assault Rifle (saved for special occasions)

Abilities: Concussive Shot, Overload, Assault Training, First Aid.

Biography: Captain Qui'in Tuhrop is an old war veteran from the First Contact War. He served his last years in the military as a Sergeant (in Human terms) during Shanxi campaigne. He recognised human nobility, when he was captured and imprisoned; a security officer sacrificed his own life, so he could set Tuhrop free.


After the Citadel Council's declaration of peace between the Turians and Humanity, he grew a fondness towards them. Afterward, he was offered the chance to become a High Ranking C-Sec Officer, but turned it down for a life as a Captain of a Transportation Vessel known as the Valkyrie, run by a diversive crew; pursuing a life for primarily transporting citizens and cargo, as well as Bounty Hunter assignments given by C-Sec.

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Character 1


Name: John Marston


Age: 38 years


Gender: Male


Species: Quarian


Pre-Service History: Alliance Corsair


Psychological Profile: Content


Specialization/Occupation: Hired Body Guard


Facial Identification:



Weapons: M-96 Mattock Heavy Rifle, M-300 Claymore Heavy Shotgun, M-5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol




There are few men who, after meeting John, would ever be able to tell that he was a Quarian. Born on the streets of Omega to a family that died shortly after, John lived a hard life. Orphanages were bad on Omega, but being a Quarian meant that his life was ten times worse than any other child. He was given "special" treatment for his natural condition and beaten and tormented by the other children when the overseers weren't around. The only other Quarian, a girl of the age 15, disappeared when John was eight and was found dead in a gutter weeks later. When John was nine, he snapped. He beat one of his tormentors to death while the other children watched in horror. John ran away that day, overwhelmed by guilt and fear.


John ran away, but the other children didn't simply forget them. While the authorities were still sorting out what had happened, some of John's enemies slipped away and hunted him down. They found him and hurt him. The Quarian would have died that day if Jack Marston, a missionary from Earth, hadn't intervened. Jack Marston scared off the children, took John in and nursed him to health. John would help Jack for the next couples months in traversing Omega, occasionally having to avoid other children, before ultimately going back to Earth with Jack.


Jack and his wife adopted John. They both taught John personally in everything from politics to religion to economics and social issues. John was raised as a human being, exposed people who were kind and gentle to him in ways he'd never known, and ultimately let go of almost everything Quarian about him. Well, almost everything.


John, from the time he first left Omega, had a desire to see the stars. He wanted to travel the galaxy and meet new people, but at the same time be packing an assault rifle when he did. Though Jack didn't like it, the missionary accepted and encouraged the Quarian's decision to join the Alliance at the age of 17. Initially the Alliance were unsure as to whether or not they would, or could, accept him, but eventually they decided to allow him to enlist in the Corsairs instead of the standard military.


The Corsairs were good to John. He got to see the galaxy, put bad guys in their places and meet wonderful people. He knew people who were still dissatisfied with the freedom afforded the Corsairs, but he didn't care for them much. He was just happy to be up and about, and tried to visit his parents all he could.


Eventually, John retired from his position after twenty years at the age of 37. He had a good run, and decided to take up some extra freelancer work as a body-guard for the Valkyrie while he decides what he wants to do next.






Character 2


Name: Selia Tarken


Age: 250 years


Gender: Female


Species: Asari


Pre-Service History: Asari Engineering Core


Psychological Profile: Impatient


Specialization/Occupation: Engineer


Facial Identification:



Weapons: M-5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol




Selia Tarken is a relatively average Asari with a impatient personality. A birth trait that rendered her skin black and her eyes red, something that sometimes throws other Asari, and generally other people, off. She enlisted in the Asari Engineering core as soon as she came of age. She serves in the core for a couple hundred years before deciding that the job as a whole, with its pay and work environment, sucked. Selia decided to go as a freelance Engineer until she was hired on as a mechanic for the Valkyrie, where she resides now.

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Alright, here's mine :D




Name: Sergeant Major Francis "Frank" McDowell


Age: 44


Gender: Male


Species: Human


Pre-Service History: Homeworlder


Psychological Profile:


Specialization/Occupation: Spec Ops commander, though he is especially skilled in unarmed combat and weapons mastery(being able to pick up just about anything, and kill everything).


Facial Identification: CaptainPrice.jpg


(Yes, I know)


Weapons: M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon, Combat Knife, HMWA Master Assault Rifle (Spec-Ops issue silencer equipped)


Biography: Frank McDowell has almost as many medals as he has recorded kills(a great deal), as he was with the Human Alliance as far back as the First Contact War. In fact, his platoon was perhaps one of the most effective during the retaliatory action against Turian forces, contributing to the result of a three-month war instead of a six month one. He then built an illustrious special operations career from this first experience. Many of these are completely unknown, and will most likely never be revealed as long as the Human race is allied with any alien races. However, it was the First Contact War's brutality plus his experience in the 'field' against Turian forces that caused him to become prejudiced and began to despise alien races. Only a select few aliens have ever garnered his respect, most notably, Krogan Warriors....or rather what was left of them. He would continue as Spec Ops soldier until his deactivication (Alliance soldiers working Black Ops operations are never retired, only placed on 'hold') 3 years before the first encounter with Sovereign.


He was reactivated during the Sovereign crisis where he was tasked with investigating the Turian and Salarian responses to the widespread panic caused by the appearance of the Reapers. However, this was short-lived, especially after Commander Shepard's task force was formed, which permanently side-lined Frank's operation. He wouldn't see any military action until the info on the Omega 4 relay was released by an unknown source to them.


Frank was transferred to the newly formed 'Alliance 8' Special Task force and was an assigned 'lone wolf' on Omega.

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Name: Zack Hudson

Alias: Null

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Pre-Service History: Spacer

Psycological Profile: A self-centered gun for hire

Specialisation/Occupation: Vanguard, Freelancer

Facial Identification:


Weapons: M-27 Scimitar Shotgun, M-5 Phalanx

Abilities: Charge, Pull, Slam, Shockwave

Biography: Zack Hudson is the son to Colonel Jack Hudson of the Alliance. He wanted his son to not only be like his old man, but better. He wanted the perfect soldier, however Zack's mom would not allow this. Unfortunately, Zack's mother died when he was seven. This allowed his father to continue with his plan. Zack was given some drugs as well as cybernetics to make him a lethal force. This wasn't good enough for his father. He exposed Zack to Element Zero, in order to give him biotic abilities.


Zack finally snapped and attacked his father, severely injuring him. He fled from his father and began to travel around. He figured if he kept moving, his father wouldn't be able to keep up. Eventually, he realized he'd have to make a living if he wanted to survive. He could think of no other job other than becoming a gun for hire. Killing was all Zack really knew how to do.


Years went by and Zack become known as the mercenary Null. Under a new alias he was free from his father and able to do whatever he wished. He eventually formed a team of mercs, with him being the only human. The group lasted for a few years, until an incident with Cerberus. This only caused Zack to despise his race even more.


He's now on the ship known as the Valkyrie, hoping to find some work in Omega.

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All right, after nearly a thousand years, here's my character sheet!


NAME: Quirinius V'tala

AGE: 200

GENDER: Female (oddly, considering her first name)


PRE-SERVICE HISTORY: Diplomat (again, oddly, considering her heritage)

PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFILE: Suave, secretly quite a gambler

SPECIALIZATION/OCCUPATION: Shock Trooper (esp. slows down time)

APPEARANCE: As Shiala in ME1, with Liara's lighter skin tone/no tattoos


BACKSTORY: Quirinius V'tala was named directly after her father, a krogan lieutenant who had a fondness for exotic locales (and exotic women). Consequently, she inherited his fighting ability and quite a bit of his mouthy nature! However, she has a softer side, especially for noble males of any species. More than anything, Quiri wants to stop the Reapers, but that doesn't mean she'll let ends justify means if those means are brutal.


EDIT: I'd like Quiri to meet all of you on Omega Station, and be "won" out of a high-stakes gambling game where the loser becomes the winner's slave! ;) I'm hoping the Captain will kick my unscrupulous opponent's butt...

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Name: Vegrull Tyzuris

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Species: Turian

Pre-Service History: Homeworlder (Palaven)

Psycological Profile: Duty-minded, but his idea of what his duty is may not agree with others'.

Specialisation/Occupation: Agent

Facial Identification:


Weapons: Incisor Sniper Rifle, Mattock Heavy Rifle, Carnifex Hand Cannon

Abilities: Overload, Armor-Piercing Rounds, Adrenaline Rush

Biography: Like most Turians, he did a stint in the military, opting to serve in the defense of Palaven. After that, he found work on a cargo freighter, but misfortune soon befell it, leaving him stranded on Omega. Looking for ways to make money to charter a voyage back into Citadel Space, he tried joining the Blue Suns, but quickly fell out of favour

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Name: Thiyan Al'Taru


Age: 34


Gender: Male


Species: Drell


Pre-Service History: Spacer.


Psycological Profile: Wandering loner with a past (more or less). Patient, cautious, thoughtful and quiet, with unpredictable streaks of rashness and unpredictability.


Specialisation/Occupation: Tracking, bounty hunting, assassination.


Facial Identification:


(tried to change him from thane - original here)



Kassa Locust SMG, Viper sniper rifle.


Abilities: Tactical Cloak, Adrenaline Rush, Electronics, Assassination.


Biography: His life has been defined by loss, and he has spent the whole of his adult life since age 15 wandering the galaxy after leaving the Drell mid-way through his compact - an extraordinary thing to do. In his time wandering the stars he has seen as much of the galaxy as anyone in his relatively short life-span, and seen many things both wonderful and terrible. He first went to Omega and has since used it as a 'base' picking up odd-jobs and booking passage to other worlds from any ship captain who will take him (most recently the Valkyrie).


His parents lost their family in the declining Rakhana, and then were themselves killed in a pirate attack in a remote system on a trading mission. The orphaned Thiyan then adopted his wandering ways, only once finding true companionship - an Asari named Nerala. After just 2 years this relationship too was lost, though not through death this time, rather a parting of ways and divergence of personalities. This was 8 years ago; Thiyan has been alone ever since and is most comfortable on the wild fringes of space, unexplored worlds. He is particularly at home in dry or desolate worlds, but is at home in wilderness or decaying worlds of any sort, and has a particular fascination with post-civilisation worlds. He would probably make an excellent spectre if he showed any indication of concern about galactic wellbeing.


He is soft-spoken, with the deep, textured voice characteristic of the Drell, with swirling tattoos covering one side of his face. His journey on the Valkyrie was one with no destination - he was simply wandering, and was caught up in the events that followed...

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Excellent :) I think we have enough people to start the RP. But first, I'll post my second character sheet. (EDIT: I forgot to mention; you may list talents/abilities within your bio sheets) We'll start the RP maybe by the end of the week: its nearing the end of my uni course, and I have assignments to submit haha :)


Name: Tom Ulrich


Age: 24


Gender: Male


Species: Human


Pre-Service History: Colonist, Biotic Student


Psycological Profile: Stern


Specialisation/Occupation: Sentinal, Tech Specialist


Facial Identification: omni_guy_by_drnice-d33al46.png

Talents: Shockwave, Tech Armor, Electronics, Overload


Weapons: M-5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol, Solokov Shotgun, Omni Tool


Biography: Tom Ulrich was a colonist whom grew up on Eden Prime, before the attack from Saren and the Geth. Born as a utero human biotic, caused by his mother's exposure to element zero, he was transfered to an academy run by the Ascension Project, to develope his abilities. Along the way, he also developed both artistic and mechanical skills.


After graduating at 18, Ulrich served as an apprentice mechanic onboard an Alliance Shipping Vessel for the next three years. After it was attacked by Blood Pack Slavers, he barely escaped with his life onboard an escape pod. Drifting into space for days, it was eventually found by Captain Qui'in Tuhrop and the Valkyrie. Feeling indebted for saving his life, Ulrich works as one of the Valkyrie's mechanics.


Captain Tuhrop also gave him training with pistols and shotguns; an essential skill when working on Bounty Hunter assignments.

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These characters are going to be...interesting to say the least. I should have all my character's bios up before the rp starts.


Name: Weyrloc Chiron, he prefers to be called Chiron

Age: 716

Gender: Male

Species: Krogan

Pre-Service History: Spacer

Psycological Profile: A surprisingly calm and intelligent being

Specialisation/Occupation: Doctor

Facial Identification:


Weapons: M-300 Claymore

Abilities: Healing, Neural Shock

Biography: Chiron was different from most krogan. For one thing he grew up without a clan, as his was wiped out when he was young. He was one of few that actually wanted to do something for his race. He wanted to find a way to make the genophage tolerable for all races. He figured the best way to accomplish this would be taking up the medical field. He became a surprisingly good doctor. He eventually took an interest in the Weyrloc clan as the leader wanted to find a cure to the genophage. Chiron was more than happy to help until he learned the live subjects were being used to test the cure. He saw what Clan Weyrloc was doing as brutal, even for korgan standards. He abandoned the clan and was once again clanless. While the first name now stays, he reminds everyone to call him Chiron. Chiron works aboard the Valkyrie as a doctor, where he is surprisingly happy.


Name: Rogue

Age: 3

Gender: Rogue's voice is masculine, so one could refer to it as male is they wished.

Species: Geth

Pre-Service History: Heretic

Psycological Profile: A once advanced Heretic Geth, able to function on its own.

Specialisation/Occupation: Exceptional Hacker, Geth Assassin

Facial Identification:


Weapons: Geth Pulse Rifle

Abilities: Cloak, AI Hacking, Geth Shield Boost, Overdrive

Biography: At the time of Rogue's creation, Rogue was not known as Rogue but instead simply Geth. Rogue looked like the standard Shock Trooper in the Geth army but that's where the similarities end. The Geth had learned that the others, the ones who did not worship the Reapers had created a mobile platform capable of functioning on its own. To counter this they too made a unique mobile platform that had far more processes than any other Geth. This particular Geth proved itself in any task it was given. As it was far superior to the others, it could accomplish a task that would take roughly ten normal Geth to accomplish. Until recently, this Geth worshiped the Reapers. However new data was implanted and the Geth rejected the Reapers. It now saw them as Old Machines. It was now technically considered a "true geth". However, it felt it was not worthy of the title but still acknowledged it had left the other geth. It decided upon a name for itself, Rogue.

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Well now, I go on hiatus for a while and the next thing I know there's a bunch of people joined up and they're all making an unnecessary number of characters!


Well, back to topic, I hope I'm not TOO late in joining up. Doing a remake of an old Mass Effect RP character that Tysy and Cyborg might recognize. Hope he's alright.


Name: Kallic - It's all anyone can get out of him namewise


Age: 20 - Middle aged basically


Gender: Male


Species: Salarian


Pre-service History: Former Captain in Counterterrorism/Infiltration STG, Bio-Engineer <--((Might change))


Psychological Profile: Friendly/Fast (Duh)


Specialization/Occupation: Intelligence, Infiltration, Biological Sciences - etc.


Facial Identification: picture.php?albumid=589&pictureid=7537 - Basic Appearance/Clothes


Weapons: M-29 Incisor Sniper Rifle, M-4 Shurikan Machine Pistol [X2], M-451 Firestorm, Custom I.V.I. integrated Omni-Tool


Abilities: Cryo Blast, Energy Drain, Combat Drone, Splice (character specific ability)


Biography: ((Later, knowing me, never, but then again I just might.))

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Don't blame me for this.....PK let me do it!


Name: Naut'aun - Is his facename, only the captain knows his soulname


Age: 52


Gender: Masculine - Hanar genders are rather unknown however


Species: Hanar


Pre-service History: Quartermaster, Scholar/Philosopher


Psychological Profile: Polite, yet brash compared to other Hanar (been around other species too long)


Specialization/Occupation: Pilot, Navigator, Quartermaster


Facial Identification: Blue in hue and color with dark violet bioluminescence scaled across his body. (It's hard finding unique images of hanar)


Weapons: Natural toxins; Advanced contra-gravitic levitation pack allowing for faster levitation/higher mobility; Carbon fiber ceramic dagger; Epidermally grafted utility bracers on each tentacle; various grenades


Abilities: Flashbang Grenade, Inferno Grenade, Fortification, Envenom (character specific ability)


Biography: (Yet again, later.)

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