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Missile launch off near California shores.

Darth Avlectus

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(CBS/AP) The Pentagon Tuesday said it was trying to determine if a missile was launched Monday off the coast of Southern California and who might have launched it.


Spokesmen for the Navy, Air Force, Defense Department and North American Aerospace Defense Command said they were looking into a video posted on the CBS News website that appears to show a rocket or some other object shooting up into the sky and leaving a large contrail over the Pacific Ocean.


The video was shot by a CBS affiliate KCBS' helicopter, the station said Tuesday.


"Nobody within the Department of Defense that we've reached out to has been able to explain what this contrail is, where it came from," Pentagon spokesman Col. Dave Lapan said. "So far, we've come up empty with any explanation."


Check out the link for more news.




Ok, just my opinion, possible explanations are:

1) military test launch for which we will later get some lame-brain excuse/explanation...eventually


2) Some rich guy (engineering student perhaps?) playing with a toy he created essentially akin to model a rocket but much more sophisticated. Considering what people are capable of manufacturing on their own these days, know-how and access to technology and information, I wouldn't put this out of the realm either.


3) Optical illusion?


4) Electro-kinetically propelled object with some unorthodox chemical release, though this is unlikely.


Thoughts? :smirk2:

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I heard on the radio last night. It is all Obama's fault. :carms:



There's something real suspicious about this. Let's see: He's away right now to a foreign country...so either he's really the anointed one or...

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*onslaught of CRT monitors*

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^^^Anger that the US is trying to make itself independent of their manufacturing once again? As I understand we bought back a ton of our own debt and it devalued our dollar...though if they were really so irked, why did they allow the buy-back?


CBS' copter was the one to actually see it. Funny, I called in to a local radio station offering similar explanation to my OP owned by CBS, and when it cut out to a break, the nat'l news anchor on the break said "citizens have suggested it was anything from an expensive model rocket, to projectiles, even military missiles."


Just offering thoughts and suggestions--I don't know any more than the rest of us.

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