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Endor DLC announced!!!, New Skins Pack for 1$


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If this is a direct connection from the Tatooine and Hoth DLCs does that mean:


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Luke could possibly appear as Starkiller's sith apprentice? The Hoth DLC did end with Luke embracing the dark side.
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No, because those missions continued from TFU1's dark side ending, starring (now Darth) Starkiller who killed Darth Vader and took his place as the new Sith apprentice. This new will continue from TFU2's ending, and will follow the adventures of the evil Starkiller clone--known as the Dark Apprentice--who killed the good Starkiller clone and was tasked with hunting down the leaders of the infant Rebel Alliance.


Two different stories, though both apocryphal. Thus, Luke's character would be much the same as it is in the original Trilogy, I'd imagine.


The article didn't say it was a direct connection story-wise; rather, it implied that it will be more of a spiritual successor.

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Nice look. I like the red in it.


Yes, here's a diagram.

Thanks, that helps a little. I was like "ok, at what point in the timeline does this happen, lol.


Question, will there be a special edition of TFU2 with this extra level(s) or can you only download with xbox live?

Cause they did that with the previous game for the Hoth, Tatooine and Jedi Temple mission right?

I just want to know so when I do decide to buy the game, I can get the special edition =/

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Thats what i think they are going to do ,some sort of USE version for the tfu2,me im not buying that game again,sorry lucas. With the first game we got all the extras what?now they expect us to buy it again? I was a little interested if it was possible to get the dlc unlocked for the pc,the endor levels but if they are console exclusives,then thats it for me.

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As found here>http://lucasarts.com/games/theforceunleashed2/announcement/


New DLC Endor level:

Continue the adventures of Starkiller on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 as he heads to the forest moon Endor to strike a blow to the Rebellion.


Following the Dark Side ending of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, Starkiller returns with his over-the-top Force powers and embarks on a mission ordered by Lord Vader. The Rebellion has arrived on Endor, and the Empire needs the remaining members eliminated. As the Evil Apprentice, players will make their way to the shield generator by taking on Rebels, Ewoks, and Stormtroopers who fight without knowing the powerful Force-wielder is coming to destroy the last remnants of the Empire's greatest enemy.



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DLC Character Packs:

The long-time Star Wars gamer will not want to be without the historical and legendary characters included in the new Character Pack for The Force Unleashed II. You might recognize a few of our friends in the screenshots you see – but none are greater warriors than one of them. You know his name – he defeated armies, and those of the Dark Side trembled when his name was spoken.


Admiral Ackbar.


* You also get: Darth Malak

* Luke in Training – with yoda on his back

* Clone Wars Obi-Wan

* Lando Calrissian in Skiff guard Disguise

* Han Solo

* Starkiller in Blood Armor

* Starkiller in Neimoidian Shadow Outfit

* Starkiller in Jedi Protector Outfit

* Starkiller in Dark Lord Armor



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All is coming soon!

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I can confirm that the Endor dlc itself will be 1$


# But wait! Theres more! As a thank you to the fans who stuck with us, the DLC will only be a buck on both PSN and XBLA. 5:56 PM Nov 16th via Facebook


# Anyone here fancy killing Ewoks? Endor DLC for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is announced today via IGN! http://fb.me/OMD1TtkA 3:16 PM Nov 16th via Facebook


my source is their twitter here: http://twitter.com/lucasartsgames

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