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Hello all my friend's .


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I'm not entirely sure what you said, so I'll give my best guess. Despite the echoing silence you hear in this forum, people still play the game. There are usually two or three servers of reasonable size, and many more Jedi Assault servers.


As for mods, it depends on your tastes, but I don't think anyone can argue these two:

+123 2.0


Star Wars: Battlefront Conversion Pack 2.0

Star Wars: Battlefront Conversion Pack 2.2 (Patch)


Be warned, a few of those maps might conflict with each other, but that inconvenience is minor compared to the amount of gameplay that each provides. Or, if you prefer, download them one at a time.

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The +123 Mod has been updated to v2.2 and is available here. There are a couple maps that will conflict with the Conversion pack if you have it installed as Bokken mentioned. The +123 Mod won't change any of your originally installed SWBF2 Game files and the download is only 154 MB. Remarkably small considering it's adding in excess of 123 maps/modes to your SWBF2 game.

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